NCI grant to fund study of CAR T-cell therapy for solid tumors

January 2, 2019
A $10.7 million grant from NCI will fund research at University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center to evaluate the use of chimeric…

ASH launches sickle cell disease clinical trials network to accelerate therapy development

December 31, 2018
ASH launched a clinical trials network designed to accelerate development of novel therapies for patients with sickle cell disease. The network will…
FDA News

FDA issues new framework for oncology drug development

December 19, 2018
The FDA today issued new guidance to help drug developers select endpoints for marketing applications with the goal of advancing the efficient…
Meeting News

B-cell maturation antigen-targeted CAR T-cell therapy potent in advanced myeloma

December 17, 2018
SAN DIEGO — B-cell maturation antigen chimeric antigen receptor T cells that harbor a fully human single-chain variable fragment with a defined…
Molecular Oncology

Precision immunotherapy: Giving the right drug to the right patient at the right time

HemOnc Today, December 10, 2018
Razelle Kurzrock, MD; Vivek Subbiah, MD
James P. Allison, PhD, of the United States, and Tasuku Honjo, MD, PhD, of Japan, received the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their…

NIH initiative takes ‘multiple-shots’ approach toward cure for sickle cell disease

November 29, 2018
The NIH launched an initiative to coordinate and accelerate research into a cure for sickle cell disease. W. Keith Hoots, MD, director of the…

Addition of altitude sickness drug to chemotherapy shows potential in certain glioblastomas

November 28, 2018
The combination of a common altitude sickness drug to chemotherapy may benefit patients with certain patients with certain types of glioblastoma…

Trial to assess CAR T-cell therapy for certain lymphomas, leukemias

November 27, 2018
Researchers are launching a first-in-human clinical trial to assess the use of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy targeting the CD4 protein…

Registry could be 'invaluable' for tracking long-term CAR T-cell therapy outcomes

November 21, 2018
The Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research, through an alliance with Novartis, aims to track the long-term outcomes of…

Lactoferrin supplementation may alleviate chemotherapy-induced taste, smell abnormalities

November 20, 2018
Daily lactoferrin supplementation may alleviate taste and smell abnormalities experienced by individuals with cancer who undergo chemotherapy…