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BTK inhibitors provide ‘exciting time’ for the treatment of lymphoma subtype

February 10, 2018
ATLANTA — Three studies evaluating the use of different Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitors presented at the ASH Annual Meeting and…
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Study results may lead to ‘completely different way’ of treating lymphoma subtype

February 9, 2018
ATLANTA — Results from the updated ZUMA-1 trial indicate that CAR T-cell therapies are effective for various cancers that have not yet received…
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Better targeted therapies likely coming for lymphoma subtype

February 5, 2018
ATLANTA — Advances in the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma comprised several studies presented at the ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition. …
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Rituximab maintenance demonstrates survival benefit after chemotherapy in lymphoma subtype

January 25, 2018
ATLANTA — Rituximab maintenance after rituximab plus CHOP chemotherapy demonstrated significantly prolonged PFS and OS in first-line treatment…
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Brentuximab vedotin shows promise in Hodgkin lymphoma, concerns remain

January 24, 2018
ATLANTA — Brentuximab vedotin reduced the number of patients with Hodgkin lymphoma who required subsequent treatment, according to results of…
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Ibrutinib, nivolumab combination may provide new option in non-Hodgkin lymphoma subtypes

January 22, 2018
ATLANTA — Combination therapy with ibrutinib and nivolumab appears safe and effective for several subtypes of relapsed, refractory non-Hodgkin…
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Active surveillance shows benefit for rare Hodgkin lymphoma subtype

January 10, 2018
ATLANTA — Active surveillance appeared to be a feasible strategy for the management of nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma…
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VIDEO: Studies may lead to ‘era’ where chemotherapy is not needed for lymphoma subtype

December 15, 2017
ATLANTA — Two long-term follow-up studies presented at the ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition may indicate a future where patients with mantle…