History of Medicine

History of Medicine

A look back at treatments and tools that shaped modern medical care.

History of Medicine

Aspirin: a natural remedy turned pharmaceutical milestone

HemOnc Today, July 10, 2009
No single drug may be more historically associated with its manufacturer than Bayer’s Aspirin. The drug was a commercial…
History of Medicine

The mercury sphygmomanometer: end of an era?

HemOnc Today, June 10, 2009
Taking blood pressure measurements is a routine part of medical visits, regardless of the reason for the visit. Most patients are well accustomed…
History of Medicine

Thermometry and the role of fever in medicine

HemOnc Today, May 10, 2009
The connection between body heat — or fever — and disease was made millennia ago, but the clinical utility of body temperature was not…
History of Medicine

Thalidomide: the teratogenic drug that found a role in cancer treatment

HemOnc Today, April 10, 2009
Nearly 50 years ago, an increasing number of babies worldwide were born with deformities and missing limbs. The babies had fallen victim to…
History of Medicine

Cigarettes were once ‘physician’ tested, approved

HemOnc Today, March 10, 2009
In the grand scope of the history of medicine, the relationship between doctors and patients has changed quite a bit in recent years. The internet…
History of Medicine

F.J. Gall and phrenology’s contribution to neurology

HemOnc Today, February 10, 2009
Throughout the history of medicine there have been many examples of theories that were once believed to be true that have since been debunked…
History of Medicine

Early blood transfusions: from concept to practice

HemOnc Today, January 10, 2009
Although early physicians did not possess a complete understanding of the biological properties of blood, they certainly recognized it as an…
History of Medicine

The white coat — a universally recognized medical uniform

HemOnc Today, December 10, 2008
When HemOnc Today adopted a new look earlier this year it began to feature a large photograph of a physician interviewed for its cover story. Since…
History of Medicine

Arsenic: medicinal double-edged sword

HemOnc Today, November 10, 2008
For over 2,400 years, arsenic — from the Greek word arsenikon, meaning “potent” — has been used as both a therapeutic agent and a poison. During…
History of Medicine

How percussion hammers evolved into reflex hammers

HemOnc Today, October 10, 2008
Before the days of diagnostic imaging, physicians were left to use clues on the outside of the body to guess what was happening on the inside of the…