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Cover Story

Efficacy data, cost-effectiveness will guide decision to expand HPV vaccination to older adults


Which is the better use of resources: increasing HPV vaccine uptake or developing new vaccines that protect against all oncogenic HPV strains?


Cost-effectiveness and common sense

John Sweetenham, MD


Translating an explosion of knowledge in molecular oncology

Wafik S. El-Deiry, MD, PhD, FACP

Many breast cancer survivors do not receive recommended mammograms

Whole genome-based antigen testing may improve transfusion outcomes

Trial represents ‘bold move’ for treatment of newly diagnosed myeloma

Rucaparib induces response in BRCA-mutated pancreatic cancer

Androgen deprivation therapy increases risk for rheumatoid arthritis

Meeting News

ACCC National Oncology Conference to bring ‘new insights into action’

In the Journals Plus

Tomosynthesis plus mammography increases breast cancer detection by 90%

Molecular minimal residual disease predicts poor outcomes for acute myeloid leukemia

Novel imaging offers insights on engraftment process after HSCT

Childhood bone marrow transplant recipients at risk for late mortality

Interventions crucial to offset negative impact of psychological symptoms on childhood cancer survivors

Shorter adjuvant chemotherapy duration may be sufficient for stage III colon cancer

Tumor sequencing superior to other methods of detecting Lynch syndrome in colorectal cancer

Combination immunotherapy, chemotherapy feasible in metastatic bladder cancer

Marijuana use improves quality of life for patients with head, neck cancer

Early dinner associated with reduced risk for prostate, breast cancer

Adverse skin reactions can occur months after anti-PD-1 treatment

Brigatinib confers intracranial responses in ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer

Breast cancer diagnosed after negative mammogram has worse prognosis

IV immunoglobulin does not prevent chronic immune thrombocytopenia among children

FDA News

FDA approves Azedra for rare adrenal gland tumors

FDA grants FLT3 inhibitor breakthrough therapy designation for acute myeloid leukemia

FDA clears Sentimag System for lymph node detection in breast cancer

FDA expands indication of SAVI SCOUT reflector to include localization of soft tissue

FDA grants Braftovi-Mektovi plus Erbitux breakthrough therapy designation for colorectal cancer

FDA approves Mulpleta for thrombocytopenia in adults with chronic liver disease

FDA approves Poteligeo for mycosis fungoides, Sézary syndrome

Collaboration needed to complete clinical trials of proton therapy

Cancer centers join forces to eliminate HPV-related cancers

Immunotherapy researchers to share Albany Prize

Penn dermatologist receives award for skin cancer research

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center ranked best cancer hospital in country

Radiation oncology organization elects president