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VIDEO: Novel combinations can capitalize on immunogenicity of head and neck cancer

April 24, 2019
NEW YORK — Nabil F. Saba, MD, FACP, professor of hematology/medical oncology and otolaryngology and director of the head and neck oncology…
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VIDEO: Treatment advances dramatically improve outcomes in acute myeloid leukemia

April 23, 2019
NEW YORK — Alexander E. Perl, MD, associate professor in the leukemia program at Abramson Cancer Center at University of Pennsylvania, spoke…
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VIDEO: ‘Huge effort’ underway to identify biomarkers in urothelial cancer

April 22, 2019
NEW YORK — Petros Grivas, MD, PhD, medical oncologist and clinical director of the genitourinary cancers program at University of Washington…
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VIDEO: Head and neck cancer landscape changing as incidence of HPV-positive disease increases

April 18, 2019
NEW YORK — Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD, director of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, spoke at HemOnc Today New York about management of HPV-positive…
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VIDEO: Novel agents demonstrate promise as first-line treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

April 17, 2019
NEW YORK — Danielle M. Brander, MD, assistant professor of medicine at Duke University and member of Duke Cancer Institute, spoke at…
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VIDEO: Durvalumab represents ‘major step forward’ in lung cancer

April 16, 2019
NEW YORK — Melissa Johnson, MD, associate director for lung cancer research at Sarah Cannon and a practicing partner in Tennessee Oncology…
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VIDEO: Management of locally advanced head and neck cancer continues to evolve

April 15, 2019
NEW YORK — Joshua Bauml, MD, assistant professor of medicine in the division of hematology/oncology at Perelman School of Medicine at…
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VIDEO: Meeting highlights treatment advances, challenges in melanoma

April 12, 2019
NEW YORK — This year’s HemOnc Today New York meeting included a session dedicated to treatment advances and challenges in melanoma…
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VIDEO: Timely biomarker work-up helps ensure optimal lung cancer treatment

April 11, 2019
NEW YORK — This year’s HemOnc Today New York meeting kicked off with a session dedicated to treatment advances and challenges in lung…
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VIDEO: Genetic testing, educational campaigns can dramatically reduce melanoma mortality

April 1, 2019
NEW YORK — Sancy Leachman, MD, PhD, delivered a two-part talk at HemOnc Today New York that focused on the importance of
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