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Gene assay predicts renal cell carcinoma relapse

September 20, 2017
CHICAGO – The Recurrence Score, a tool used to predict risk of relapse in renal cell carcinoma, appears effective in high-risk disease…
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Gene assay facilitates personalizing extended endocrine therapy

August 28, 2017
CHICAGO – The Breast Cancer Index, a gene assay that provides information about a patient’s risk for distant recurrence as well as the…
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Guest Commentary: Low testosterone, other side effects surface years after testicular cancer treatment

August 22, 2017
In this guest commentary, Ajay Singla, MD, of the department of urology at Massachusetts General Hospital, reviews the potential
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Radiation benefits patients with lung cancer who relapse after chemotherapy

August 11, 2017
CHICAGO – Thoracic radiation used in combination with chemotherapy may improve survival outcomes compared with chemotherapy alone in patients…
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VIDEO: Gefitinib may ‘change the paradigm’ to treat lung cancer

August 10, 2017
CHICAGO — Lecia V. Sequist, MD, MPH, the Mary B. Saltonstall Endowed Chair in Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital and
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Guest Commentary: Resistance to androgen-targeting agents highlights unmet need in prostate cancer

August 10, 2017
In this guest commentary, Leonard J. Appleman, MD, PhD, of the division of hematology/oncology at the University of Pittsburgh
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Resuming treatment with cabazitaxel provides ‘option’ in advanced prostate cancer

August 8, 2017
CHICAGO – Retreatment with cabazitaxel demonstrated encouraging activity and acceptable toxicity when used in combination with a new hormonal…
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Shorter duration of androgen deprivation therapy reduces side effects in prostate cancer

August 7, 2017
CHICAGO – Reducing the duration of androgen deprivation therapy from 36 to 18 months improved quality of life without affecting survival…
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Palbociclib fails to reach response rate in lung cancer

August 6, 2017
CHICAGO — Palbociclib failed to reach a pre-specified response rate in patients with stage IV squamous cell lung cancer, according to results…
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Ado-trastuzumab emtansine offers effective alternative as first-line therapy in breast cancer

August 3, 2017
CHICAGO — First-line therapy with ado-trastuzumab emtansine improved OS and reduced grade 3 and higher adverse events in patients with…