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Palbociclib plus letrozole extended PFS in metastatic breast cancer

April 7, 2014
The addition of palbociclib to letrozole during first-line treatment significantly extended PFS in post-menopausal patients with ER-positive…
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Despite headlines, role of statins in cancer prevention far from proven

HemOnc Today, May 25, 2013
The potential role of statins in cancer prevention has received tremendous attention from the medical research community and the media.
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Nanoparticles offer ‘infinite’ possibilities for cancer treatment

HemOnc Today, May 10, 2013
After more than 3 decades of intense research, nanotechnology has moved out of the fiction realm and into the scientific.
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Exercise lowered estrogens, breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women

April 24, 2013
Results of a study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting have given researchers a better idea of the potential…
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Omega-3 fatty acids slowed growth of triple-negative breast cancer

April 11, 2013
Omega-3 fatty acids have the potential to delay or halt the growth of triple-negative breast cancer cells, according to researchers at Fox Chase…
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Some melanoma survivors fail to wear sunscreen, still use tanning beds

April 8, 2013
More than one-quarter of melanoma survivors never wear sunscreen when outside for extended periods, according to findings presented at the AACR…
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Combination treatment may benefit NSCLC patients ineligible for bevacizumab

April 9, 2012
Patients with non–small cell lung cancer who are not eligible for treatment with bevacizumab may benefit from treatment with a combination of…
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NHANES: Nearly half of cancer survivors died from other conditions

April 9, 2012
Almost half of the cancer survivors evaluated in a recent study died from conditions other than cancer, such as cardiovascular and respiratory…
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Older women with luminal A breast cancer may not need radiation

April 4, 2012
Women aged at least 60 years with luminal A breast cancer had lower rates of relapse when they did not undergo radiation treatment. At 10-year…
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HPV infection lasted longer in young black women

April 2, 2012
A college-age black woman is almost twice as likely to have an abnormal Pap test and more than twice as likely to still have HPV in her system 2…