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Metastatic breast cancer

Treatment on TAPUR Trial: Pembrolizumab

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  • Prospective, non-randomized clinical trial (NCT02693535)
  • Assesses safety and efficacy of targeted therapies
  • Therapy is selected based on genomic testing results
    • Allows off-label access based on biology, not tumor site
  • PD-1
    • An inhibitory immune checkpoint receptor expressed on T cells, PD-1 induces signaling that inhibits T-cell proliferation, cytokine release and cell death
  • PD-L1
    • A PD-1 ligand that serves as an immunosuppressive signal
    • Expressed in many malignancies, including breast cancer
  • Pembrolizumab is a monoclonal antibody against PD-1; as a result, the immune system is not hindered from targeting cancer cells
  • There is evidence of efficacy in patients with metastatic, triple-negative breast cancer
  • Patient received first cycles of pembrolizumab
    • Significant fatigue, intermittent abdominal pain
    • Initial follow-up scans stable
  • Second dose held twice due to LFT abnormalities
  • Ultimately removed from protocol because of LFT abnormalities
    • Transitioned to supportive care only
tumor board image


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