CMS offers tips on accepting new Medicare cards in practices in 2018

December 20, 2017
In April 2018, every Medicare beneficiary will receive a new Medicare card that eliminates the need for Social Security numbers, which will help to…

ACP urges salary equality for physicians

December 20, 2017
ACP recently released a new position statement advocating for physicians to receive equitable compensation based on comparable work rather than…
FDA News

FDA proposes new plan to protect against potentially harmful homeopathic drugs

December 18, 2017
The FDA announced its draft guidance to employ a new, risk-based enforcement approach to address the public health issue of homeopathic treatments…

AMA: Deadline to avoid Medicare payment penalty approaching

December 15, 2017
Dec. 31 is the last day physicians can act to avoid a Medicare payment penalty under the Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act in 2019, the…

Policy brief: Trump administration actions threaten access for LGBT patients

December 13, 2017
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults are likely to encounter increased discrimination as they try to access health care services after a…
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MRSA clone circulating in pig farms found in nursing home residents

December 12, 2017
An emerging MRSA clone that has mostly been linked to contact with pig farms was isolated in several nursing home residents in Spain, underscoring…

AMA: 4 out of 5 US physicians are cyberattack victims

December 12, 2017
Slightly more than 80% of U.S. physicians have experienced a type of cybersecurity attack, with the most common being phishing and computer viruses…

Net neutrality repeal may diminish telemedicine access, harm small practices

December 12, 2017
The repeal of net neutrality as voted on by the Federal Communications Commission could lead to unintended and devastating consequences for…

Experts analyze Aetna, CVS merger

December 5, 2017
CVS agreed to acquire Aetna for $69 billion over the weekend in a proposed deal that The Washington Post said is the biggest health-care merger…

Puerto Rico-related medical product shortages continue months after Hurricane Maria

December 4, 2017
Medical manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico continue to struggle after Hurricane Maria tore through the island in September and knocked out the…

Frontline physician groups alarmed by potential impact of Senate tax bill

December 4, 2017
In the early hours of Saturday morning, the Senate voted 51-to-49 to pass the final version of its tax bill. Senators received the revised 479-page…

Senate set to resume tax bill debate with health care components uncertain

December 1, 2017
The Senate will debate and may vote on the Republican tax reform proposal today, with several critical health care components still undefined…
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Long-term SSRI treatment may delay progression from MCI to Alzheimer’s

November 30, 2017
Long-term selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment was associated with significantly delayed progression from mild cognitive impairment to…

ACP proposes ways to improve testing new payment models

November 30, 2017
In a letter to CMS, the ACP voiced its support of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s move towards value-based payment models…
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Being married may protect against dementia

November 28, 2017
Recent findings indicated individuals who were single or widowed had increased risk for dementia, compared with their married peers. “The…

VA hospitals frequently fail to report disciplinary action against health care providers

November 27, 2017
Officials with VA medical centers often failed to report health care providers who faced review after questions were raised about their clinical
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Older IBD patients less often treated with biologics, immunomodulators

November 27, 2017
Patients diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease at age 60 years or older were more likely to receive treatment with corticosteroids rather than…

ACP: Improving health care price transparency ‘vital’

November 21, 2017
Increasing access to meaningful information, including price, cost and quality data on health care services, can aid in efforts to improve health…
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Speed processing training lowers dementia risk

November 16, 2017
Speed of processing training decreased risk for dementia, while memory and reasoning training did not, according to recent findings. “Speed of…
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Gottlieb sees ‘watershed opportunity’ to shape future of FDA’s regulatory process

November 16, 2017
WASHINGTON — When diagnosed with