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Depression assessment crucial in care of patients with IBD

January 16, 2018
Accurately assessing depression is critical to the care of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, according to a study published in The American
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Genetic predictor helps IBD patients avoid drug-induced pancreatitis

January 11, 2018
A genetic polymorphism was a major predictor of azathioprine-induced pancreatitis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, according to a study…

Protagonist wins patent for IBD peptide drug candidate

January 9, 2018
Protagonist Therapeutics announced that two of its peptide drug candidates received new U.S. patents. “These new patents further strengthen the…
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FDA clears study of potential UC therapy

January 5, 2018
The FDA has granted an investigational new drug application for a potential ulcerative colitis treatment, permitting the manufacturer to proceed with…
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FDA clears automated calprotectin test for IBD

January 5, 2018
The FDA has cleared a fully automated random access calprotectin assay to assist in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease in the U.S., the…

Microbiome data support clinical efficacy of UC drug candidate

January 4, 2018
Seres Therapeutics revealed microbiome data from its phase 1b study of SER-287, which showed bacteria derived from the study drug engrafted into the…

Oral anti-TNF shows benefit in mild UC

January 2, 2018
An oral alternative to anti-tumor necrosis factor injections and infusions showed positive results in a phase 2 trial of mild-to-moderate ulcerative…

IBD news to know from 2017: Prevention, blood tests, mycobiome

December 28, 2017
Inflammatory bowel disease remained a hot topic on throughout 2017. This year, numerous developments in biologic therapies, emerging…
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IBD drug monitoring impacts treatment decisions in virtual biologics clinic

December 21, 2017
Nearly a third of clinicians’ treatment decisions made in a virtual biologics clinic led to changes in Remicade therapy when they considered…
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Missing biologics just four days risks flare in IBD

December 13, 2017
Patients with inflammatory bowel disease receiving subcutaneous anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy are at a significantly increased risk for disease…