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Remicade is top among biologic-naive patients with UC

January 16, 2020
Remicade ranked highest for induction of remission and endoscopic improvement among biologic-naive patients, according to a meta-analysis of…
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Intestinal ultrasound helps monitor response in ulcerative colitis

December 30, 2019
Assessing bowel wall thickness with intestinal ultrasound can be a helpful tool to monitor therapeutic response in patients with ulcerative colitis…
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FDA approves Xeljanz extended release tablets for ulcerative colitis

December 13, 2019
The FDA on Thursday approved Xeljanz extended release 11 mg and 22 mg tablets for the once daily treatment of adults with moderately to severely…
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No racial disparities observed in IBD treatment among Medicaid patients

December 10, 2019
SAN ANTONIO — Researchers investigating racial disparities in health care found no significant difference in the use of biologics or other…
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Anti-TNF therapy appears effective after first-line Entyvio in IBD

December 9, 2019
SAN ANTONIO — In patients with inflammatory bowel disease, first-line vedolizumab treatment did not appear to compromise the effectiveness of…
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More data needed on Xeljanz, venous thromboembolism risk in ulcerative colitis

November 19, 2019
SAN ANTONIO — A post hoc analysis evaluating the safety of Xeljanz in ulcerative colitis revealed comparable incidence rates of pulmonary…
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Geriatric IBD mortality trend highlights need for ‘more standardized guidelines’

November 12, 2019
SAN ANTONIO — The odds of inpatient mortality were nearly four times higher among geriatric adults than adults aged younger than 75 years who…
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Entyvio exhibits favorable real-world safety profile in biologic-naive IBD patients

November 8, 2019
SAN ANTONIO — Entyvio was associated with significantly fewer serious adverse events and serious infections compared with anti-TNF therapy in…
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Mesalamine most commonly prescribed Crohn’s disease treatment among older patients

November 6, 2019
SAN ANTONIO — Older patients with Crohn’s disease were less likely to receive biologic agents and more than twice as likely to receive…
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VIDEO: How to identify, manage patients with high-risk ulcerative colitis

November 5, 2019
SAN ANTONIO — In this video from the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting, David T. Rubin, MD, section chief of…