FDA issues safety alert on fecal transplants after patient dies

June 14, 2019
Two adults with weakened immune systems who received investigational fecal microbiota transplantations developed invasive infections caused by…
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Oral FMT with antibiotics does not improve symptoms of IBS-D

June 4, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Orally delivered fecal microbiota transplantation did not help reduce symptoms in patients with diarrhea-predominant irritable…
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FMT safe in patients with obesity, more research needed

May 9, 2019
Researchers successfully engrafted microbiota to patients with obesity using stool from lean donors, giving them optimism about the future of fecal…
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FMT spurs ‘huge’ drop in hospital costs for patients with C. diff

May 2, 2019
Patients with recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection on average avoided 17 days of hospitalization in the first year after being treated with…
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Test for bacterial markers reduces FIT false-positives

May 1, 2019
A non-invasive colorectal cancer screening tool based on bacterial fecal biomarkers can help reduce false-positive results when used with a fecal…
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FMT safe, effective for C. difficile infection in pediatric patients

April 30, 2019
While fecal microbiota transplantation has long been established as a treatment for adult patients with Clostridioides difficile infection, data…
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Adversity-induced GI issues in youth may predict future psychopathology

April 5, 2019
Researchers found that adversity early in life was associated with increased gastrointestinal symptoms in children and that this adversity-induced…
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Protective bacteria found in patients with IBS

April 2, 2019
Although diversity of the gut microbiota in patients with irritable bowel syndrome was similar to controls, a systematic review published in…
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Skin microbiome altered in patients with cirrhosis, increasing itching

March 26, 2019
Researchers identified alterations in the skin microbiome of patients with cirrhosis that correlated with itching intensity and itch modulators…
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Early life factors linked to later IBD development

February 21, 2019
Early life events and factors, such as having a mother with inflammatory bowel disease or having an infection within the first year of life, are…