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Cover Story

Bariatric Endoscopy: Growing Awareness in a Dynamic Field

Drug/Device Pipeline

FDA Accepts NDA for H. pylori Therapy

FDA Approves Boxed Warning for Xeljanz in UC

ImmusanT Discontinues Phase 2 Trial of Celiac Disease Vaccine

Guest Commentary

‘Hype vs. Science’: Identifying, Disseminating Nutrition Data that Matters

Guest Editorial

The Best Weight Loss Solution is What Works for Each Person

In the Journals

Anti-TNFs Induce Remission in Ulcerative Proctitis

‘U’ Stitch Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Safe, Effective for Obesity

Stelara Every 8 Weeks Helps Improve Histologic Response in Crohn’s

Sodium Consumption Increases GI Bloating

Proactive Humira Monitoring Improves Outcomes in Pediatric Crohn’s

Micronutrient Deficiencies Common in Celiac Disease

Loop Ileostomy May Offer ‘Viable Surgical Alternative’ for FCDC

Multiple Noninvasive Test Procedure Identifies NASH-fibrosis

Yogurt May Help Prevent Precursors of Colorectal Cancer in Men

Eating Fish May Decrease Colorectal Cancer Risk

Higher Entyvio Serum Levels Linked to Mucosal Healing in Crohn’s

HBV Increases Risk for Digestive System Cancers

Infants ‘Naturally Immunized’ Against Toxigenic C. Difficile

Meeting News

Budesonide Orodispersible Tablets Maintain EoE Remission

Thiopurines Offer no Clear Benefit Over Humira Monotherapy in Crohn’s Maintenance

Surgery Fellows Performing More Endoscopies

Gastric Cancer Rates Higher Among Patients Treated for H. pylori

Stelara Demonstrates Safety, Efficacy in Highly Refractory Crohn’s Disease

Serum-based Biomarker Test Yields Positive Diagnostic Accuracy for Crohn’s Disease

Remicade Provides Clinical Response in Children With Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis

Post-holiday Colonoscopies More Likely to Have Inadequate Bowel Prep

Portable Gluten Sensors May Help Improve Quality of Life in Celiac Disease

Patients With Sucrase-isomaltase Deficiency Less Likely to Respond to Low-FODMAP Diet for IBS-D

Nutritional Deficiencies Impact Gastroparesis Symptoms

Viberzi Controls Gut Symptoms in Patients With IBS-D

More Options Do Not Increase CRC Screening

Smoking and Bariatric Surgery Do Not Mix

IgG, IgA Levels Help Differentiate Between UC, Crohn’s Disease

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