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At Issue

Should All Adults be Vaccinated Against HBV?

By the Numbers

7 Recent Reports on HBV Treatment Approvals, Efficacy

Cover Story

‘We Don’t Talk About It’: HBV, an Underprioritized Public Health Threat

Drug/Device Pipeline

FDA Approves Phase 2 Study of Ulcerative Colitis Drug Candidate

True Health Launches New Test for Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity

Gastroparesis Drug Candidate Development Moves Forward With New Financing

New Blood Test Distinguishes Between IBD, IBS

FDA Approves First Oral Liquid Treatment for C. difficile-associated Diarrhea

Guest Editorial

Lost in Translation: HBV Management Amid the ‘Jungle of Guidelines’

Michael S. Saag, MD


New AGA Guideline Steers Early Treatment for Acute Pancreatitis

In the Journals

Online Decision Tool Helps IBD Patients Choose Biologic Therapy

Vitamin D Supplements May Ease IBS Symptoms

Fatty Liver Index Predicts Diabetes in Absence of Impaired Fasting Glucose

Meeting News

Ramucirumab Reduces Risk for Progression in Certain Gastric Cancers

Oral JAK Inhibitor Xeljanz Shows Promise in Crohn’s Disease

Patients With Psoriasis More Likely to Experience GI Symptoms

Opioid Use ‘Alarmingly High’ Among Patients With IBD

Liquid Biopsy Test Detects Early-stage Colorectal Cancer

VIDEO: Microbiome Research Aims to Uncover how Diet can Treat IBD

IBD Patients With High ‘Patient Activation’ Less Likely to Flare

IBS-D Antibiotic Xifaxan Shows Promise in Severe Crohn’s Disease

Methotrexate Fails to Prevent Relapse in Patients With UC

Trend Watch

FDA: Imodium Packaging Changes Needed to Stem Abuse, Misuse

AGA Introduces app to Help Patients, Doctors Treat IBD

AGA Enrolls First Patient in Fecal Transplant Registry

New Grant to Fund Study of Gut Microbiome, Colon Cancer

$100 Million Needed to Fight HIV, HCV Outbreaks Due to Opioids, Organizations Say