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Nerve stimulation, antegrade enemas both help kids’ constipation

July 15, 2019

VIDEO: Opioids lead to dyssynergic defecation

June 14, 2019
SAN DIEGO — In this exclusive video from Digestive Disease Week, William Chey, MD, professor of medicine, and director of the GI Physiology Laboratory at…
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Constipation may need to be redefined to meet public perception

June 6, 2019
Many patients with constipation might not even recognize their condition, leaving researchers from King’s College London to call for new diagnostic criteria and…
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Velusetrag improves diabetic, idiopathic gastroparesis

June 4, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Velusetrag, an oral, highly selective 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 4 agonist, effectively reduced symptoms and gastric emptying in patients with…
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