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VIDEO: Givosiran may ‘transform’ lives of patients with acute hepatic porphyria

April 20, 2019
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Inpatient bowel prep can improve with a few modifiable factors

April 18, 2019
Making a few adjustments can help reduce inadequate bowel preparation in an inpatient setting while potentially reducing morbidity and costs, according to research…
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VIDEO: Children ‘must not be left behind’ in the fight for hepatitis elimination

April 18, 2019
CHICAGO — In this exclusive video from the International Liver Congress 2019, Marc Bulterys, MD, PhD, team leader of the Global Hepatitis Program at the World…
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Generalists, specialists must work together to ‘narrow gaps’ in HCV care cascade

April 18, 2019
VIENNA — In the face of the remaining gaps in the hepatitis C care cascade, timely screening, monitoring and linkage to care by general practitioners coupled with…
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Age tied to infection risk in IBD

April 18, 2019
Elderly patients with inflammatory bowel disease have a higher risk for infection because of their age and other factors, according to study results. Nabeel Khan
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