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Top stories in hematology/oncology: FDA grants fast track designation for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treatment, virtual platform offers support for patients with cancer

July 18, 2019

Top stories in hematology/oncology: New guideline for testicular cancer, therapeutic cancer vaccine being tested

July 11, 2019
The top stories in hematology/oncology last week were two interviews, one focusing on a new guideline released by the American Urological Association for the diagnosis…
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Exercise improves anxiety, mood in older patients receiving chemotherapy

July 10, 2019
A 6-week, home-based exercise program improved anxiety, mood, and social and emotional well-being among older patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy in U.S…
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Study shows ‘real-world impact’ of HPV vaccine on cervical lesions

July 10, 2019
HPV vaccination programs significantly decrease HPV infections and cervical lesions among girls and women, as well as anogenital wart diagnoses among girls, women, boys…
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