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Endoscopically implanted device improves glycemic control, weight loss in diabetes, severe obesity

September 14, 2017

Adults with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes and severe obesity saw sustained reductions in body weight and HbA1c after receiving an endoscopically implanted weight-loss device for 1 year along with lifestyle intervention, according to findings presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting.

The EndoBarrier (GI Dynamics) is a thin plastic sleeve that lines the first 60 cm of the small intestine, causing food to be absorbed further down in the intestine, according to a description from the manufacturer. In a small study, Robert Ryder, MD, consultant diabetologist at City Hospital in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and colleagues analyzed data from 31 adults with type 2 diabetes and obesity aged 28 to 62 years who had the device implanted after October 2014 and removed after 1 year (mean age, 51 years; 58% men; 48% white; mean diabetes duration, 13.3 years). Within the cohort, 54.8% were on insulin therapy. All participants were also counseled on lifestyle management.

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Couples may share risks for type 2 diabetes, obesity

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Risk for CHD, HF, cerebrovascular disease increases in metabolically healthy obese

September 11, 2017
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Obesity affects more than half of US adults

September 8, 2017
More than half of U.S. adults currently have obesity or have had the condition at some point in their lifetime, suggesting that the population burden of obesity is…
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