Infectious Diseases in Children


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Acyclovir labeling now includes premature infants with HSV

Parents understand cold prevention; most still use unproven strategies

Antibiotic diversion poses serious health risks

Causes of 2014 EV-D68 outbreak still unknown

Nearly 80% of children began toothbrushing later than recommended

Measles cases in Europe tripled in 2018, WHO says

Guideline urges physicians to stop prescribing antibiotics, codeine for tonsillectomies

Early estimates show flu vaccine 47% effective in US

At Issue

What is the value of the pediatric ID specialty?

Cover Story

Pediatric ID compensation ‘just too low’


Q&A: Should pediatricians suggest probiotics to reduce abdominal pain?

In the Journals

Researchers identify factors associated with recurrent tonsillitis

Parents collect respiratory samples earlier in illness than HCWs

Palivizumab not effective treatment for RSV bronchiolitis

Only 16% of teens complete HPV vaccine series by age 13 years

Light aerobic activity improves concussion recovery time

Study shows ‘significant disparities’ in global fatality rates from sepsis

Half of US children with mental health disorders are not treated

Continuous vancomycin infusions in infants result in earlier, improved target concentrations

Chemical exposure before, after birth reduces lung function

Buprenorphine optimal treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome

Almost 16% of pediatric transplant recipients hospitalized with vaccine-preventable diseases

25% of sepsis cases following PCV13 introduction caused by S. pneumoniae

Decision tree promotes correct antibiotic prescribing for bloodstream infections

Pharmacology Consult

Pediatric implications of Xofluza — a new antiviral drug for influenza

Edward A. Bell, PharmD, BCPS

What's Your Diagnosis?

3-year-old female presents with lesion that doubles in size

James H. Brien, DO