Infectious Diseases in Children


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One-fourth of parents, patients deem teen vaccination nonessential

California health officials battle state’s largest hepatitis A outbreak in 2 decades

UNICEF, WHO vaccinate over 355,000 children against polio in Syria

Fleas from two Arizona counties test positive for plague

Yemen cholera outbreak hits 500,000 cases

Cover Story

Epinephrine cost, education remain crucial obstacles in school health


MRSA over 3 decades: A pathogen with ‘devastating complications’

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Hearing loss rates in teens unaffected by increased noise exposure

Less than half of children immediately receive epinephrine for anaphylaxis

Majority of children at low risk for penicillin allergy are not allergic

Rotavirus vaccination saves over $1 billion in US health care costs

Nearly 40% of HIV-positive children in Zimbabwe remain undiagnosed

Minor vaccine hesitancy creates three-fold increase in measles outbreaks

Despite overall decline in otitis media, risk factors unchanged

AAP: Early education, quality child care of ‘strategic priority’

AAP: Education critical to distinguish pediatric food allergies from other conditions

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Gaps persist in global yellow fever vaccination coverage

Pharmacology Consult

Emergency contraception decoded: Discussing cost, efficacy and access

Edward A Bell, PharmD, BCPS

What's Your Diagnosis?

Previously healthy 2-year-old presents with sore throat, limp

David Ascher, MD; Irina Remsburg, MD; Richard H Schwartz, MD; Riva Kamat, MD