Infectious Diseases in Children


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Kindergarteners maintain high vaccination rates despite increasing exemptions

At Issue

Is it appropriate to recommend a reformulated vaccine without additional effectiveness data?

Cover Story

‘It’s complicated’: Nasal spray or flu shot for pediatric vaccination?


Adverse childhood experiences ‘a population-level concern’

Q&A: HPV vaccine coverage lacking among rural teens

In the Journals

Teen girls did not engage in riskier sex after HPV vaccination

Adolescents prefer open-system e-cigarettes

Almost 40% of US teens text while driving

Community-based plan improves asthma symptoms in black teens

Prenatal Tdap most effective early in third trimester

Pharmacotherapy keeps youths with opioid use disorder in care longer

Infant walkers still pose significant injury risk for young children

Teens who sleep less have a higher risk for suicidality

Monetary support from federal government reduces infant mortality

Meeting News

Rates of chlamydial conjunctivitis drop after CDC screening recommendations

20% of outpatient antibiotics prescribed without a patient visit

First-line antibiotic use varies for pediatric respiratory, ENT infections

Efavirenz exposure increases risk of neurological conditions in infants

Antiseptic prevents therapy dogs from spreading MRSA to pediatric cancer patients

MF59-adjuvanted flu vaccine improves immune response in children

Teens with opioid use disorders infrequently screened for HCV, HIV

Pharmacology Consult

Clinical aspects of drug-induced QT prolongation

Edward A Bell, PharmD, BCPS

What's Your Diagnosis?

A 7-year-old male with pneumonia

James H Brien, DO