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Palliative care in ESLD increasing despite socioeconomic, ethnic barriers

June 29, 2017

From 2006 to 2012, researchers observed an increased use of palliative care in patients with end-stage liver disease, according to a recently published study. However, they also observed socioeconomic and ethnic barriers to access.

“The current study is one of the largest nationwide studies of palliative care referral in patients with end-stage liver disease. Although palliative care referrals in patients with end-stage liver disease is increasing, the rate of referrals is still very low,” Mayur Brahmania, MD, from the Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, said in a press release. “We must emphasize that palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and treatment of pain along with other physical and psychosocial issues.”

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