Time to get it right. Consequences of mislabeled penicillin allergies

May 8, 2019
 Penicillin is the most commonly implicated medication reported as the source of a drug allergy, with a reported incidence of up to 10% in the

World Asthma Day: Addressing a global health problem

May 7, 2019
May 7 marks the 21st annual World Asthma Day — a day during which medical societies, advocacy groups and health care providers renew their…

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VIDEO: Top takeaways from ACP Internal Medicine Meeting

May 2, 2019
PHILADELPHIA – Highlights from this year’s American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting included…

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Hospitalized kids with asthma do not benefit from azithromycin

April 29, 2019
Children who were hospitalized for asthma exacerbations and were prescribed azithromycin did not have shorter lengths of stay or a decreased risk for…

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Oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy increases allergic, anaphylactic reactions

April 26, 2019
The Peanut Allergen immunotherapy, Clarifying the Evidence, or PACE, study found that existing peanut oral immunotherapy considerably increased…


NYC study raises questions about undiagnosed asthma in US

Infectious Diseases in Children, April 2019
A recent study in The Journal of Urban Health found that approximately 20% of New York City teenagers had asthma symptoms but had not received an…

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VIDEO: 5 commonly overused medications, tests

April 18, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — There are several medications and tests that are commonly overused in primary care and hospital settings that may be causing…

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Common pitfalls in diagnosing anaphylaxis

April 13, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — When anaphylaxis is suspected, diagnostic criteria, symptoms, risk factors, clinical history and pitfalls are important to…

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Identifying patients who are truly allergic to penicillin, other medications

April 12, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — About 95% of patients who say they are allergic to penicillin are really not, according to a presentation at the American…

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Infants with rhinovirus C at risk for recurrent wheeze

April 11, 2019
Infants with bronchiolitis caused by rhinovirus C were more likely to develop recurrent wheeze by age 3 years compared with infants who had…

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Metabolic dysfunction may exacerbate asthma in adults with obesity

April 5, 2019
Pre-diabetes and diabetes are risk factors for asthma exacerbations in adults with asthma and obesity, according to a study published in The Journal

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Nearly one-quarter of patients with IBD have a concurrent IMID

April 4, 2019
A Danish cohort study revealed that nearly one-in-four patients with inflammatory bowel disease have another immune mediated inflammatory disease…

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OMEGA-3 fatty acids linked to fewer asthma symptoms in children

April 1, 2019
A recent study, named AsthmaDIET, found evidence that children with a diet higher in omega-3 fatty acids had fewer asthma symptoms caused by indoor…

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Unique form of chronic rhinosinusitis identified in older patients

April 1, 2019
A unique inflammatory signature among older patients with chronic rhinosinusitis may make them less responsive to steroid treatment, according to…

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Infants at risk for peanut allergy incur larger peanut skin prick test sizes

March 29, 2019
The size of the peanut skin prick test size increased over time in infants at risk for peanut allergy, according to an abstract presented at the…

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Probiotics do not improve children’s atopic dermatitis treatment

March 19, 2019
Supplementing atopic dermatitis treatment with probiotics does not benefit children, according to research presented at the American Academy of…

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Serology for mite sensitization screening could save $4B over 5 years

March 19, 2019
A simulation that used serology to screen children with asthma for mite sensitization saved more than $4 billion over 5 years, according to a poster…

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Flagging new referrals, reserving appointments reduces wait time for peanut allergy testing

March 19, 2019
Automatically flagging new referrals and reserving clinic and challenge appointments for infants allowed for faster scheduling of peanut allergy…

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Takhzyro safely reduces monthly attack rate in adolescents with hereditary angioedema

March 18, 2019
Takhzyro, a monoclonal antibody, was found to safely reduce monthly attack rates in adolescents with hereditary angioedema, according to research…

Guest Editorial

Pediatric Pulmonology: Part 1

Pediatric Annals, March 2019, Volume 48 Issue 3
The term “asthma” was first used by Hippocrates in 460 BC to describe panting and respiratory distress. Hippocrates is also credited with describing…