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Preliminary findings show safety of intranasal OPNT002 for alcohol addiction

July 25, 2017

Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc. recently announced phase 1 data showing efficacy and safety of OPNT002, intended for treatment of alcohol use disorder, among healthy individuals.

“We are very excited by the observed changes in the pharmacokinetic properties of intranasal naltrexone when combined with Intravail, particularly the ability of Intravail to reduce the time needed to reach maximum plasma concentrations, which implies a more rapid onset of action,” Phil Skolnick, PhD, DSc, chief scientific officer at Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc., said in a press release. “Although additional clinical work is required, the ability to rapidly deliver an intranasal dose of naltrexone on an ‘as needed’ basis has the potential to offer patients a much-needed innovation in the treatment of [alcohol use disorder].”

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