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Horner’s syndrome may be unexpected complication after thyroid surgery

Horner’s syndrome may be unexpected complication after thyroid surgery
Endocrine Today, February 2020
Danica M. Vodopivec, MD; Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

Coming soon to your smartwatch: CGM for healthy adults

Endocrine Today, February 2020
Continuous glucose monitors have revolutionized diabetes care since the first such device was approved by the FDA for personal use in 2005. Today, improvements in…
Diabetes in Real Life

Effective weight-management strategies in diabetes must address stigma

Endocrine Today, February 2020
Maintaining a healthy weight can be a successful strategy for type 2 diabetes prevention and management. However, anyone who has tried to make and sustain lifestyle…

Are people with Cushing’s disease refractory to surgery and radiotherapy better served with long-term pharmacotherapy or bilateral adrenalectomy?

Endocrine Today, February 2020
The Endocrine Society recommends medical management with a moderate level of evidence; in particular, steroidogenesis inhibitors as a second-line treatment after surgery…
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New treatments offer ‘glimmers of optimism,’ possible cure for Cushing’s disease

Endocrine Today, February 2020
More than a century has passed since neurosurgeon and pathologist Harvey Cushing described the disease that would eventually bear his name, but only recently have…
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