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SMBG compliance common in gestational diabetes

July 24, 2017

More than half of women with newly diagnosed gestational diabetes were compliant with self-monitoring blood glucose before and after meals, according to findings published in Diabetes Care.

Emmanuel Cosson, MD, PhD, of the department of endocrinology-diabetology-nutrition, Jean Verdier Hospital, Université Paris, and colleagues evaluated data from 91 women with newly diagnosed gestational diabetes who understood SMBG principles to determine the compliance with SMBG and reliability of diabetes logbooks. Data on participants were analyzed over 13 days.

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BMD declines after growth hormone therapy cessation

July 24, 2017
Young adults who were born small for gestational age and received growth hormone therapy showed a gradual decline in bone mineral apparent density of the lumbar spine
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Diabetes increases risk for amputation, death after endovascular treatment for PAD

July 24, 2017
Patients with diabetes and symptomatic peripheral artery disease are at a higher risk for major amputation and all-cause death at 12 months after endovascular…
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What is the best approach to reducing obesity in people living with HIV?

Infectious Disease News, July 2017
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Clinicians face new challenge in HIV: Obesity

Infectious Disease News, July 2017
Studies have shown associations between ART and fat gain in patients living with HIV, and experts are suggesting options that range from preventive care to medical…
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