BLOG: Avoiding burnout is your choice

July 3, 2017
The burnout prevalence rates continue to increase with no apparent end to this disturbing trend. One recent study cited the prevalence of emotional…

BLOG: Hobbies are the fun way to avoid burnout

April 5, 2017
Do you have a hobby? If your vocation in medicine has not left you any room for outside interests, you are on a fast track to emotional exhaustion…
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Burnout, bullying common for young infectious disease clinicians

February 28, 2017
About one-fifth of young medical microbiology and infectious disease trainees and specialists surveyed in Europe say they have been bullied at work…
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Burnout levels reach ‘tipping point’ among oncologists

HemOnc Today, February 25, 2017
Approximately 40% of physicians experience some form of burnout, according to national surveys. However, the burnout rate among oncologists has…

BLOG: Tame the demon of burnout

February 1, 2017
Data are clear. Burnout remains on the rise with estimates approaching 50% prevalence for subsets of health care workers. Increased intrusion of…