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Broadening scope of family practice reduces physician burnout

May 31, 2018
Early career family physicians who deliver a broader scope of care have significantly lower rates of burnout, according to findings recently reported…
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As oncology workforce ages, need for objective assessment of competency increases

HemOnc Today, May 25, 2018
Although members of some professions — including pilots, air traffic controllers and certain judges — face mandatory retirement ages…
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Physicians report distress, burnout about providing emergency-only dialysis to undocumented immigrants

May 21, 2018
Hospital policies that prevent physicians from providing hemodialysis to undocumented immigrants with end-stage kidney disease except in emergency…

BLOG: Cool it with email to sidestep burnout

May 9, 2018
Burnout is emotional exhaustion characterized by depersonalization and apathy. Some investigators believe burnout may in fact be indistinguishable…
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ACP continues to promote physician well-being, professional satisfaction

April 21, 2018
NEW ORLEANS — ACP provided an update of their physician well-being, professional satisfaction and “Patients before Paperwork”…

BLOG: Find meaning to stave off burnout

April 13, 2018
There seems to be no end in sight to the raging burnout epidemic afflicting all health care providers. The electronic medical record is here to stay…

Music soothes burnout, increases empathy

March 19, 2018
Medical students who temporarily put down a medical instrument and picked up a musical one, say doing so helped alleviate their burnout symptoms and…
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Incoming Association of Community Cancer Centers president to focus on cancer care team burnout ‘epidemic’

March 16, 2018
WASHINGTON — Because of the dramatic physical, intellectual and emotional drain experienced by all members of the cancer care experience, the…
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ACC president: ‘Continue to advocate’ for the future of cardiology

March 10, 2018
ORLANDO, Fla. — Advocacy is key for the future of cardiology, Mary Norine Walsh, MD, FACC, told the audience during her presidential address…
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More than a third of physicians meet burnout criteria

February 21, 2018
Approximately one-third of physicians experience characteristics of burnout, such as emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, which often led to…