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‘Unexpected’: Physician burnout rate lower in rural areas

October 10, 2019
Family medicine doctors who practiced in rural areas were less likely to experience burnout than those who practiced in medium-sized and metropolitan…
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Effect of burnout on quality of care may be exaggerated

October 8, 2019
Although physician burnout is associated with poor quality of care, the effects of burnout on patient care may have been exaggerated in some studies…

CMS finalizes rules projected to save $800M, 4 million burden hours annually

September 26, 2019
CMS administrator Seema Verna, MPH, announced final rules today that will save health care providers approximately $800 million and 4 million burden…

Studies highlight work-life imbalance, wage gap for female pediatricians

September 13, 2019
Two studies published recently in Pediatrics highlighted female pediatricians’ work-life imbalance and unequal pay compared with their male…
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Professional coaching intervention may reduce physician burnout

August 5, 2019
Professional coaching sessions reduced burnout and improved quality of life for practicing physicians, according to a study published in JAMA
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Burnout tied to racial bias in resident physicians

August 1, 2019
Symptoms of burnout were tied to racial bias among resident physicians, which could potentially lead to disparities in care, according to a study…
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Physician wellness essential to avoid burnout, ensure best patient care

July 24, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — Physicians should prioritize their health and well-being to avoid burnout and provide the best care for their patients…
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Diagnostic clarity needed to distinguish physician burnout, depression

July 19, 2019
Although emphasis has been put on combatting physician burnout, physician depression remains largely ignored, according to a viewpoint published in…
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One-third of vascular surgeons self-report burnout, depression

June 25, 2019
Three in 10 vascular surgeons met criteria for burnout and more than one-third said they had symptoms of depression, according to the results of a…
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Acupuncture training may lessen burnout symptoms

June 19, 2019
Researchers found a link between acupuncture training and decreased physician depersonalization, according to findings reported in the Journal of the