Q&A: Professional dissonance drives burnout in PCPs

January 16, 2020
A recent survey of PCPs revealed that dissonance between their professional values and the realities of primary care practice was a major contributor…
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Early trainee level, younger age linked to burnout, fatigue in rheumatology fellows

November 12, 2019
ATLANTA — A national survey of rheumatology fellows found that early trainee level and young age are associated with worsening degrees of…
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‘Embrace the chaos’: Advice on integrating work, life

November 11, 2019
BOSTON — In this exclusive video from The Liver Meeting 2019, Monica Tincopa, MD, MSc, a junior faculty member in the department of transplant…
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ACR president: ‘All of us in rheumatology are embattled’ with burnout

November 10, 2019
ATLANTA — Rheumatologists across the United States are currently besieged by a combination of time-consuming administrative work, restricted…
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Say yes — and no — to eliminate physician burnout

November 10, 2019
HOUSTON — The ability to say yes and no can make a significant difference in the ability to prevent or eliminate physician burnout, according…

Effective communication with co-workers improves job satisfaction in primary care

November 4, 2019
Professional communication networks — described by researchers as “face-to-face interaction about patient care among the health care…
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‘Unexpected’: Physician burnout rate lower in rural areas

October 10, 2019
Family medicine doctors who practiced in rural areas were less likely to experience burnout than those who practiced in medium-sized and metropolitan…
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Effect of burnout on quality of care may be exaggerated

October 8, 2019
Although physician burnout is associated with poor quality of care, the effects of burnout on patient care may have been exaggerated in some studies…

CMS finalizes rules projected to save $800M, 4 million burden hours annually

September 26, 2019
CMS administrator Seema Verna, MPH, announced final rules today that will save health care providers approximately $800 million and 4 million burden…

Studies highlight work-life imbalance, wage gap for female pediatricians

September 13, 2019
Two studies published recently in Pediatrics highlighted female pediatricians’ work-life imbalance and unequal pay compared with their male…