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VIDEO: Updated testosterone replacement guideline includes benefits, concerns of therapy

March 22, 2018
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Metformin use during pregnancy reduces complications in PCOS

March 21, 2018
CHICAGO — Metformin use during pregnancy may decrease the combine risk for late miscarriage and preterm birth compared with placebo in women with polycystic ovary…
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Metformin plus liraglutide increases pregnancy rate in women with infertility, obesity, PCOS

March 21, 2018
CHICAGO — Women with infertility who have obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome had more increases in pregnancy rate per embryo transfer and cumulative pregnancy…
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Vaginal estradiol, moisturizer no better than placebo for postmenopausal symptoms

March 21, 2018
The severity of postmenopausal vulvovaginal symptoms can be improved with a vaginal estradiol or moisturizer; however, these treatments do not offer additional benefit…
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Innovations in Insulin: New Opportunities to Individualize Therapy

Presented by the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences.
This activity is supported by an independent educational grant from Novo Nordisk Inc.
This activity is supported by an educational grant from Lilly.

Vivian A. Fonseca, MD, and Jonathan D. Leffert, MD, combine their expertise and discuss emerging concepts, treatment…
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VIDEO: Managing PCOS requires commitment to being healthy

April 24, 2015
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The Endocrine Society Annual Meeting

The Endocrine Society Annual Meeting


Ace the Case: A 57-Year-Old Woman who has Gained and Lost Weight

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This “Ace the Case” study will discuss the discuss the management of obesity in a 57-year old woman. Accurately assess…
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