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Study used to justify international women’s track and field eligibility rule leaves questions

Tamara Wexler, MD, PhD

VIDEO: Diabetes educators 'key' to public health policy success

Cover Story

In midlife cognitive decline, roles of estrogen, testosterone remain unclear


Preconception counseling encourages women with diabetes to plan for healthy baby

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Real-world HbA1c reduction with liraglutide matches large clinical trial

Obesity moderates possible link between PTSD, type 2 diabetes in veterans

Low-dose glucocorticoid exposure increases osteoporotic fracture risk

Incidence of adrenal crisis in CAH differs between treating hospitals

In youths with obesity, sclerostin may influence insulin resistance

In newborns, two-screen approach better identifies congenital hypothyroidism

3 second-line type 2 diabetes therapies similarly lower HbA1c

Greater HbA1c reduction seen with semaglutide vs. liraglutide

Diabetes increases risk for all cancers by 10%

Benign thyroid disease associated with impaired sex life

Appropriate language in clinical settings beneficial in diabetes care

Age at type 1 diabetes diagnosis associated with CV, mortality risk

Thyroid hormone levels associated with body composition parameters in euthyroid adults

Meeting News

In a changing health care landscape, diabetes educators hold unique advantage

Experts push for transgender health priorities in congressional briefing


Can optimal glucose management reduce risk for dementia in diabetes?