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FRAX: A nuanced tool for predicting fracture risk

FDA, endocrinologists at odds over agency’s latest BPA safety claims

USPSTF draft recommendation: Refer, offer patients with obesity to behavioral weight loss interventions

Weight Watchers teen program prompts criticism about promoting negative body image

Cover Story

In age of internet diagnoses, endocrinologists confront myth of ‘adrenal fatigue’

In the Journals

Weight loss drugs show ‘modest’ cardiometabolic benefits

ACP recommends less intensive glycemic control targets for type 2 diabetes

In the Journals Plus

Young patients with primary aldosteronism may avoid adrenal vein sampling

Fracture incidence in thyroid cancer linked to levothyroxine dose

Fat mass increased in adolescents assigned probiotic supplement

Low vitamin D tied to zoledronic acid reaction in postmenopausal women

Soy formula associated with estrogenic response in infant girls

Researchers propose 5 distinct types of adult-onset diabetes

Mode of birth may affect infant BMI at age 1 and 3 years

Excess mortality falling, pituitary surgery increasing for acromegaly

ACTIVE: Abaloparatide increases BMD in oldest women subgroup

Combination GLP-1, SGLT2 inhibitor therapy ‘effective option’ in poorly controlled type 2 diabetes

DXA imaging may inform atherosclerotic vascular disease risk in older women

Antihistamine use may be linked with impaired fertility in men

ACTH in adrenal vein sampling reduces apparent bilateral aldosterone suppression

Meeting News

A conversation with the Endocrine Society’s president

Smartwatch app may predict diabetes via heart rate variability

VIDEO: PCOS researchers home in on causes, mechanisms of disease

VIDEO: Breakthroughs in diabetes technology require good patient education

Two common essential oils contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Preeclampsia, lactation duration affect CV risk in women

Levothyroxine therapy associated with lower quality of life in hypothyroidism

Effects of low sperm count go beyond fertility

Hypertension intervention in barbershops cuts BP levels

CANTOS: Canakinumab reduces CV events in CKD, diabetes

Oral contraceptive shows promise in men

Artificial pancreas safe, effective in young children with type 1 diabetes


Should cortisol levels be measured in patients with fatigue symptoms?