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Anti-aging mechanism may hold key to ‘perfect’ osteoporosis treatment

NIH funding first artificial pancreas study in pregnant women

FDA approves interoperable insulin pump under new regulatory pathway

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In obesity, growing CV risk burden demands cross-specialty collaboration, new solutions

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Type 1 diabetes status not associated with reading, math scores in children

Switch from analogue to human insulin safe, cost-effective in older adults with type 2 diabetes

Secondary osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis improve FRAX accuracy in multiple sclerosis

PCOS may increase overall cancer risk

No link between Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, thyroid cancer in children

Most children, adults not meeting ADA goals for type 1 diabetes management

Low odds for full recovery from hip fracture found among older adults

Untreated hyperthyroidism increases CVD risk

Vegan meals increase satiety in type 2 diabetes, obesity

Few adults with prediabetes referred to, participating in diabetes prevention programs

Extreme insulin resistance influences thyroid nodule growth in children

Exenatide enhances in-hospital glycemic control

Estradiol level influences fracture risk during menopause transition

Early thyroidectomy can improve survival in multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B

Coverage for pediatric GH therapy varies widely in idiopathic short stature

Children’s adherence to GH therapy ‘suboptimal’

Hypertension speeds diabetes progression, increases CVD risk


Is the gut or the brain more important in regulating appetite and metabolism?