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FDA safety warning: Patients, caregivers withdrawing insulin from pens

Ariane O. Conrad, PharmD BCACP CDE FISMP; Hina Mehta, PharmD

Metabolic syndrome: A key predictor of diabetes, CVD

A conversation with John P. Kirwan, PhD

Collaborations between PCPs, community, needed to tackle obesity epidemic

Cover Story

For transgender patients and providers, fertility preservation options bring choices, concerns

In the Journals

Early menarche, other reproductive factors increase risk for CVD

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Lactation duration tied to diabetes risk

Long-term adherence to LDL targets lacking in type 1 diabetes

Maternal hypothyroidism may influence risk for neurodevelopmental disorders in offspring

Levothyroxine treatment does not alter pregnancy outcomes

Iodine deficiency may lead to pregnancy delays

Fracture rate similar with DPP-IV inhibitors, sulfonylureas

Fracture rate in Turner syndrome comparable to healthy adolescent girls

Home-based exercise program improves quality of life after thyroidectomy

Injectable birth control may raise HIV infection risk by 40%

Increased diabetes prevalence persists in acromegaly, even after remission

Transsphenoidal adenomectomy outcomes worse in premenopausal women with acromegaly

Survey: Physicians rate weight-loss medications, surgery less effective than lifestyle in obesity management

Sucrose octasulfate wound dressing may speed healing in diabetic foot ulcers

Weight-loss diet programs prevent premature mortality in adults with obesity

Type 2 diabetes linked to metabolic health in obesity

Type 1 diabetes risk unaffected by cutting cow’s milk consumption in infants

Once-daily glucocorticoid therapy improves immune, metabolic function in adrenal insufficiency

Modifiable factors explain difference in type 2 diabetes incidence between blacks, whites

Mild thyroid dysfunction may lead to unexplained infertility

Social jet lag, sleep disturbances increase overweight risk in children

Prescriptions, PCP contacts, hospital admissions rise with increasing BMI categories

Prenatal air pollution exposure linked to infant weight gain in girls

Cardiac dysfunction may predict mortality in type 2 diabetes, acute coronary syndrome

Calcium, vitamin D supplementation fail to reduce fracture risk

Chinese visceral adiposity index useful marker for cardiometabolic risk in adult GH deficiency

Despite declines in sugar-sweetened beverage intake, consumption stable among Hispanics

2 studies underscore high CV risk in primary aldosteronism, despite treatment

ACE inhibitors, statins do not reduce CV risks in adolescents with type 1 diabetes

AACE, ACE announce updated type 2 diabetes algorithm

All-cause, CV mortality similar with intensive vs. standard BP lowering in diabetes

Calcium, vitamin D supplementation do not increase CV risks

All-cause, CVD mortality tied to 25-(OH)D concentrations

ESRD incidence decreasing in type 1 diabetes

Eating yogurt plus more fruits, vegetables reduces hip fracture risk in women

European guideline addresses treatment of aggressive pituitary tumors, carcinomas

1-hour glucose value predicts CV morbidity, mortality in healthy men

Exercise improves disease severity biomarkers in type 1 diabetes

Diabetes, high BMI cause nearly 6% of cancers worldwide

Despite increased intervention, pregnancy complications persist in women with diabetes

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals necessitate emphasis on iodine nutrition in breast-feeding mothers

Diabetes increases breast cancer mortality risk

Early HT initiation not linked to stroke risk in postmenopausal women

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VIDEO: Timing of pregnancy weight gain may influence child’s obesity, disease risks


Should — and could — uterine transplantation be an option for transgender women?