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Diabetes raises risks for adverse outcomes following any surgery

Yong PH, et al. Diabetes Care. 2018;doi:10.2337/dc17-2304.
Compared with adults without diabetes, those with the disease are more likely to experience adverse outcomes following any surgery — including…
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Social drinking associated with lower type 2 diabetes risk

Lai YJ, et al. Clin Nutr. 2018;doi:10.1016/j.clnu.2018.06.930.
Social drinkers have a reduced risk for developing type 2 diabetes vs. nondrinkers and regular or heavy drinkers, illustrating a U-shaped…
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Weight loss influences bone parameters in older adults

Liu CT, et al. J Bone Miner Res. 2018;doi:10.1002/jbmr.3472.
Older adults experiencing long-term or recent weight loss of at least 5% showed deterioration in both cortical and trabecular bone density and…
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Maternal smoking, BMI associated with PCOS diagnosis in offspring

Valgeirsdottir H, et al. BJOG. 2018;doi:10.1111/1471-0528.15236.
Girls who go on to develop polycystic ovary syndrome are more likely to have mothers with obesity or mothers who smoked during pregnancy vs. girls…
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Zoledronic acid may slow cancer treatment-induced bone loss in premenopausal women

Kyvernitakis I, et al. Bone. 2018;doi:10.1016/j.bone.2018.06.007.
Premenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive early-stage breast cancer randomly assigned zoledronic acid during chemotherapy experienced an…
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Late-onset diabetes may be early sign of pancreatic cancer among African-Americans, Latinos

Setiawan VW, et al. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2018;doi:10.1093/jnci/djy090.
African-Americans and Latinos with diabetes had a twofold increased risk for pancreatic cancer, according to study findings published in Journal of
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In women, type 1 diabetes associated with rheumatic disease, autoimmune conditions

Bao YK, et al. J Diabetes Complications. 2018;doi:10.1016/j.jdiacomp.2018.06.001.
Women with type 1 diabetes are nearly three times more likely to develop systemic rheumatic disease vs. men with diabetes, increasing their…
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In hypothyroidism, formulation of levothyroxine therapy may influence adherence rates

Hepp Z, et al. Curr Med Res Opin. 2018;doi:10.1080/03007995.2018.1486293.
Patients with hypothyroidism prescribed levothyroxine therapy were more likely to adhere to treatment at 1 year when prescribed specific formulations…
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Diabetes therapy initiation, intensification rates growing

Gilstrap LG, et al. Diabetes Care. 2018;doi:10.2337/dc17-2585.
About a third of patients with uncontrolled diabetes have no prescribed antidiabetes medications and about 15% are prescribed inadequate medications;…
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Parental diabetes influences resting energy expenditure in offspring without diabetes

Nyenwe EA, et al. BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care. 2018;doi:10.1136/bmjdrc-2018-000511.
Adult offspring of parents with type 2 diabetes had lower resting energy expenditure vs. offspring of parents without diabetes that translated to a…
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Lipid deposition in liver, skeletal muscle may induce postmenopausal insulin resistance

Abildgaard J, et al. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2018;doi:10.1210/jc.2018-00554.
Postmenopausal women have increased lipid deposits in the liver and skeletal muscle vs. premenopausal women that coincide with an increase in…
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Hyperglycemia, not insulin resistance, influences cognitive decline in type 1 diabetes

Musen G, et al. Diabetes Care. 2018;doi:10.2337/dc17-1955.
Older adults with type 1 diabetes experience a pattern of cognitive decline that is similar to the decline observed in age-matched adults with type 2…
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Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease may share genetic, pathogenic links

De Pablo-Fernandez E, et al. Neurology. 2018;doi:10.1212/WNL.0000000000005771.
The risk for a later-in-life Parkinson’s disease diagnosis may be increased for patients with type 2 diabetes, according to a study published…
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Autoimmunity may play role in PCOS etiology

Rashid A, et al. Gynecol Endocrinol. 2018;doi:10.1080/09513590.2018.1469613.
Indian women with polycystic ovary syndrome were nearly eight times more likely to test positive for serum antinuclear antibody vs. healthy controls…
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Mild thyroid dysfunction in childhood increases dyslipidemia risk

Dahl AR, et al. Clin Endocrinol. 2018;doi:10.1111/cen.13752.
Children with mild subclinical hypothyroidism are nearly twice as likely to have elevated total and non-HDL cholesterol levels when compared with…
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