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Prolactinoma increases CVD risk in men

Prolactinoma increases CVD risk in men
October 19, 2017

Men with prolactinoma are at higher risk for incident cardiovascular disease compared with women with prolactinoma and healthy men and women, according to findings published in Clinical Endocrinology.

Niki Karavitaki , MSc, PhD, FRCP, of the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research at the University of Birmingham and Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Birmingham Health Partners in the United Kingdom, and colleagues evaluated data from The Health Improvement Network (THIN) database on 2,233 adults with prolactinoma (1,822 women) and 10,355 matched controls (8,557 women) to determine whether the risk for incident CVD is increased in patients with prolactinoma. Mean age of women was 37.1 years and mean age of men was 47.3 years. Participants were observed for 6 years.

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