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Top 5 adrenal news reports from 2017

December 20, 2017

Researchers identify new mechanism behind primary aldosteronism

December 17, 2017
Researchers have identified what they called an “unexpected role” for a protein involved in adrenal gland development and primary aldosteronism, potentially…
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Once-daily glucocorticoid therapy improves immune, metabolic function in adrenal insufficiency

December 13, 2017
Patients with primary or secondary adrenal insufficiency assigned to once-daily hydrocortisone therapy for 24 weeks experienced fewer infections and improved metabolic…
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2 studies underscore high CV risk in primary aldosteronism, despite treatment

November 21, 2017
Patients with primary aldosteronism have markedly increased risk for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, including stroke and coronary artery disease, compared…
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VIDEO: EDCs affect development across generations

April 8, 2016
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