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Pfizer files suit claiming Johnson & Johnson stifles biosimilar competition

September 21, 2017

Pfizer, the manufacturer of Inflectra, a biosimilar to Janssen’s Remicade, filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of Janssen, for “exclusionary contracts and other anticompetitive practices” that Pfizer maintains inhibits competition of their biosimilar in the approved markets.

“As evident by their success in markets such as Europe, we know biosimilars can improve patient access to important, life-saving medicines. We stand with patients and are fully committed to deliver on the increased therapeutic choices and potential savings that biosimilars can bring; however, we must make sure there are no artificial barriers in the commercial insurance market that may limit coverage and use of biosimilars,” John Young, Pfizer’s group president, essential health, said in a press release from Pfizer.

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