FDA News

FDA asbestos testing prompts recall of one lot of baby powder

October 18, 2019
Johnson & Johnson is voluntarily recalling one lot of its Johnson’s Baby Powder product due to the presence of asbestos, according to a…

Meeting News

Taltz improves skin, itch, QoL in pediatric patients with psoriasis

October 17, 2019
Phase 3 data presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress demonstrated that treatment with Taltz resulted in a 75%…

Spot the Rash

4-year-old boy presents with bumpy facial rash

Infectious Diseases in Children, October 2019
Michele Khurana, MD; Marissa J. Perman, MD
A 4-year-old boy presents with a bumpy rash on the right side of his face for the past 5 months. The rash is neither pruritic nor painful. Before…

What's Your Diagnosis?

2-month-old male with unusual blistering rash in the diaper area

Infectious Diseases in Children, October 2019
James H. Brien, DO
A previously healthy, 2-month-old male is admitted to the hospital with an unusual blistering rash in the diaper area. The onset was a few days…

Recent updates in atopic dermatitis on tape strips, abrocitinib, Dupixent and more

October 14, 2019
Researchers have identified a minimally invasive technique using tape strips to study the phenotype and specific biomarkers in children with atopic…

In the Journals

Patients overpay more for brand-name topical dermatologic drugs

October 10, 2019
Among topical dermatologic drugs, the mean overpayment for brand-name drugs was more than double that of generics, based on an analysis of claims…

In the Journals

Tape strip approach identifies atopic dermatitis biomarkers in children

October 9, 2019
Researchers have found a way to evaluate the cutaneous biomarkers of atopic dermatitis via a minimally invasive method using tape strips, which may…

South Beach Symposium hosts renowned faculty, interactive learning

October 8, 2019
Dermatology is gearing up for the upcoming South Beach Symposium in Miami Beach, Florida, Feb. 6-9, 2020. The annual conference has an extensive…

Recent updates in atopic dermatitis for National Eczema Awareness Month

October 4, 2019
An estimated 16.5 million adults in the U.S. have atopic dermatitis, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. To spread awareness…

University of Michigan offers unique resources for inflammatory skin disease research

October 3, 2019
The department of dermatology at the University of Michigan Medical School has been awarded $3.9 million from the NIH to establish the University of…

In the Journals

Recurrent tonsillitis linked with pediatric psoriasis

September 26, 2019
Recurrent tonsillitis during ages 10 to 11 years was associated with pediatric psoriasis, according to a population-based analysis published in…

What's Your Diagnosis?

3-year-old female presents with black lesions on mouth

Infectious Diseases in Children, September 2019
James H. Brien, DO
A previously healthy 3-year-old female was admitted to the hospital with dehydration caused by poor oral intake due to painful sores in her mouth and…

Top dermatology headlines from August

September 3, 2019
As students go back to school and parents resign beach gear to its out-of-season digs at the back of the garage, Healio Dermatology reflects on big…

In the Journals

Hospital readmission rates, costs high in dermatology

September 3, 2019
Dermatological hospital readmission rates have remained constant, leading researchers to suggest improvements in both outpatient management of skin…

Glenmark receives FDA approval for generic atopic dermatitis cream

August 30, 2019
The FDA has granted final approval for pimecrolimus cream 1%, a generic form of Elidel, according to an announcement from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals…

In the Journals

Culturally aware communication skills training needed in dermatology

August 30, 2019
Outside of skin of color clinics, the satisfaction of care by black patients would improve if dermatologists underwent residency training in skin of…

Hyperkalemia with spironolactone in older women, more top dermatology news from last week

August 27, 2019
Women aged 46 to 65 years prescribed spironolactone for acne had a higher rate of incident hyperkalemia compared with younger women, which warrants…

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Society for Investigative Dermatology prioritizes diversity via representation, scholarship

August 22, 2019
Measures taken by the Society for Investigative Dermatology to improve gender inequality and the underrepresentation of minorities have been…

What's Your Diagnosis?

Another summertime condition...

Infectious Diseases in Children, August 2019
James H. Brien, DO
A healthy 14-year-old male presents with a rash on the sole of his left foot. He first noticed that there was something there 1 to 2 weeks earlier…

In the Journals

Phase 2 trial supports weight-based Otezla dosing in pediatric patients with psoriasis

August 20, 2019
An improvement in Psoriasis Area and Severity Index scores occurred as early as week 2 in a phase 2 trial of adolescent patients with moderate to…

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