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Top five dermatology stories in July include psoriasis studies, FDA approval

July 31, 2017

Study results reporting that nail findings distinguished patients with psoriatic arthritis from those with psoriasis without arthritis was among the top read articles in July on

Other widely-read articles included the FDA’s approval of Tremfya for treating adults with moderate-to-severe psoriasis who are candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapy, and research finding that patients with lung cancer who received immunotherapy experienced hair repigmentation:

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Reflectance confocal microscopy may improve lentigo maligna diagnosis

July 11, 2017
Reflectance confocal microscopy was associated with high sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing lentigo maligna, according to published study results in JAMA
In the Journals

Dermatoscopic patterns show specific characteristics in nonfacial actinic keratosis

June 12, 2017
Dermatoscopic patterns showed specific characteristics of nonpigmented and pigmented nonfacial actinic keratosis when compared with facial actinic keratosis, according…

Top May dermatology reads focus on skin self-exams, vitiligo

June 2, 2017
Survey findings that less than half of women assisted their husbands with skin self-examinations was among the top read articles in May on Other…
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