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FDA grants orphan drug status to lenabasum for dermatomyositis

July 20, 2018

Vivli launches data-sharing platform to advance clinical research

July 19, 2018
The nonprofit organization Vivli launched a new data-sharing and analytics platform today that will advance clinical research by streamlining the process to discover…
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Adverse skin reactions can occur months after anti-PD-1 treatment

July 18, 2018
Adverse skin reactions to anti-PD-1 therapy for cancer treatment can occur months after therapy initiation and even after patients discontinue treatment, study data…
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Adding azithromycin to ivermectin does not improve impetigo, scabies treatment

July 16, 2018
The addition of azithromycin to an ivermectin mass drug administration, or MDA, had a similar effect as ivermectin alone for treating scabies and impetigo, according to…
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FDA approves TPOXX to treat smallpox

July 13, 2018
The FDA has approved an oral formulation of TPOXX for the treatment of smallpox, citing concerns that the infectious disease, long considered eradicated since 1980…
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