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FDA approves CV risk indication for semaglutide

January 17, 2020
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BP elevations occur earlier in life for women vs. men

January 16, 2020
BP elevations occurred more rapidly in women compared with men and as early as the third decade of life, which may explain why CVD presents at different times between…
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New use for an old drug: The potential of colchicine in CVD

Cardiology Today, January 2020
Secondary prevention of CVD with colchicine is a major focus for the cardiology community, especially after recent presentations of the COLCOT and COLCHICINE-PCI trials…
Pharmacology Consult

A look at the interaction between opioids and oral P2Y12 inhibitors

Cardiology Today, January 2020
Kathryn O. Jones, PharmD, BCPS; Dylan S. Wilson, PharmD, BCPS
A recently recognized drug-drug interaction between opioids and P2Y12 inhibitors may have clinical implications for patients with ACS. Dual antiplatelet therapy with…
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