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5 Questions

Darren K. McGuire, MD, MHSc, at forefront of clinical trial evolution

Cover Story

Mobile revolution brings changes to cardiology management

FDA News

Three cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemakers approved to treat patients with heart failure

Biotronik announces FDA approval, launch of three products for patients with heart failure, arrhythmias

FDA approves line of ICDs, CRT-Ds for patients with heart failure

DES system designed for patients with large vessels approved by FDA


2 decades of stroke

Cardiology Today’s Next Gen Innovators identify promising areas of CV research

Gene of the Month

Discovery of six new genetic risk variants predisposing to CAD

Arlene Campillo, BS; Robert Roberts, MD, MACC, FRSC, FRCPC, LLD (Hon.)

In the Journals

Insurance appeals, denials delay patient access to PCSK9 inhibitors

Vitamin D supplements fail to prevent CVD

Aspirin may not benefit patients with peripheral vascular disease

HEART score to assess patients with chest pain underutilized in EDs

USPSTF recommends routine BP measurements for preeclampsia screening

Patients unaware of statin use report no increase in muscle-related symptoms

Nutrient raising TMAO level linked to platelet hyperresponsiveness, but aspirin mitigates effect

Secondary prevention treatments may benefit patients with MI, nonobstructive coronary arteries

USPSTF guidelines on statin therapy result in fewer referrals

Unemployment may increase risk for stroke

ANGPTL3 loss-of-function mutation may confer lower risk for CAD

ACC, AHA, HFSA release updated guidelines for HF management

Meeting News

Transcatheter leadless pacemaker successful in real-world setting

AEIOU: Regardless of interruption during AF ablation, apixaban comparable to warfarin for stroke prevention

Smartwatch heart rate sensor capable of detecting atrial fibrillation

ADVANCEIII: Long-detection programming beneficial for patients with single-chamber ICDs

Effective patient–physician communication produces better outcomes in atherosclerotic CVD

EWOLUTION: Left atrial appendage closure device safe, effective at 1 year

Beta-blockers reduce mortality in HFrEF with sinus rhythm

VIDEO: New NLA president discusses updates to PCSK9 inhibitor recommendations

EDIFY: Ivabradine fails to improve outcomes in HFpEF

Pharmacology Consult

An evidence-based look at the CV safety of NSAIDs

Carol Heunisch, PharmD, BCPS

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: ENDURANCE Supplemental

Trial Scorecard: ADVANCEIII

Trial Scorecard: CORONOR

Trial Scorecard: EDIFY

Trial Scorecard: ENABLE

Trial Scorecard: AIRLESS

Trial Scorecard: RESTORE

Trial Scorecard: PORTRAIT