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Cardiology Today Anniversary

2 decades of HF

Cardio-Oncology Corner

A look at CV effects of novel cancer therapies

Wendy Bottinor, MD

Cover Story

Beyond LDL: CV experts working to combat residual lipid-related risk

In the Journals

Low-dose aspirin may lower risk for preterm preeclampsia

Intensive, standard BP treatments confer similar quality of life, mental outcomes

Hospital readmissions may occur shortly after discharge for acute MI

Fluorodeoxyglucose PET-CT scans useful for detecting cardiac sarcoidosis

High rates for rheumatic heart disease persist in poorer areas

Triple AXEL: Rivaroxaban, warfarin confer similar safety, efficacy in AF-related stroke

WOSCOPS: Statins reduce mortality in men with very high LDL long term

Transvenous pacemaker complications present in 1 in 6 patients by 3 years

Statin intensification sufficient for most with atherosclerotic CVD

Three new studies show benefit of PFO closure on reduced risk for recurrent stroke

CHD risk higher in obesity without metabolic syndrome

CAC absence with common risk factors may confer low CVD odds

Industry News

Abbott to cease sales of bioresorbable vascular scaffold

Meeting News

REVEAL: CETP inhibitor added to statin lowers incidence of major coronary events

RE-DUAL PCI: Dabigatran plus P2Y12 inhibitor lowers bleeding risk vs. triple therapy

COMPASS: Rivaroxaban with aspirin improves CV outcomes in atherosclerotic vascular disease

Women with early-onset preeclampsia may have more pronounced LV remodeling after delivery

BIOFLOW-V: Bioresorbable polymer DES superior to durable polymer DES for 12-month TLF

Acarbose fails to lower risk for major adverse CV events in CHD

SPYRAL HTN-OFF MED: Renal denervation lowers BP in unmedicated patients

Quality improvement program helps control BP in hypertension

CASTLE-AF: Catheter ablation confers improved outcomes for HF, AF

Healthy weight behavior influences BP later in life

Exenatide, placebo comparable for major adverse CV events in type 2 diabetes

CANTOS: Canakinumab reduces recurrent CV event rates in MI, inflammation

Regulatory News

CMS plans to cancel cardiac payment models

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: COMPASS


Trial Scorecard: RE-DUAL PCI

Trial Scorecard: Triple AXEL

Trial Scorecard: CANTOS

Trial Scorecard: REVEAL

Trial Scorecard: GUIDE-IT

Trial Scorecard: LAACS