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Cardiac Safety Research Consortium Update

Stem cell therapy for CVDs: Advances persist, challenges remain

Jonathan Seltzer, MD, on behalf of the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium

Cardio-Oncology Corner

Fulminant myocarditis related to immunotherapy

Wendy Bottinor, MD

FDA workshop focuses on cancer immunotherapy-associated myocarditis, other CV toxicities

Javid J. Moslehi, MD; Laleh Amiri-Kordestani, MD

In the Journals

Influenza increases risk for acute MI

Silent MI linked to increased HF risk

Heightened efforts for screening, interventions may decrease global CVD burden

Polygenic risk score predicts early-onset CAD

Relationship quality affects CVD risk factors in men

Mortality rates higher in unmarried patients with CAD

Lifetime risk for AF greater than previously thought

Mental stress relates to myocardial ischemia in women

Ezetimibe produces strongest CV benefit in patients with diabetes

Vigorous exercise may reverse cardiac effects of sedentary lifestyle

DAPT plus newer oral anticoagulants increases bleeding risk in ACS

CRESCENT-II: Tiered cardiac CT protocol more efficient, faster than functional testing

Almonds, dark chocolate reduce CHD risk in adults with overweight, obesity

Antidepressants increase risk for recurrent events in long QT syndrome

ESC risk model reduces ICD use in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Valve repair with annulus stabilization improves outcomes for aortic valve regurgitation

Early menarche, other reproductive factors increase risk for CVD

Elevated Lp(a) confers risk for ischemic stroke but not AF

Next Gen Innovators

Mentoring crucial for growth within cardiology specialty

Round Tables

Inflammation and CVD: Recent data heighten interest in effects, new strategies

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: RESTYLE-HCM

Trial Scorecard: WIN-TAVI

Trial Scorecard: ENSURE-AF

Trial Scorecard: DANAMI-3 Substudy

Trial Scorecard: BIOSTAT-CHF

Trial Scorecard: IMPACT

Trial Scorecard: ACTIVE A

Trial Scorecard: GOLIATH