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Business of Cardiology

Consolidation and hybridization in the health care enterprise: How are cardiologists affected?

L. Samuel Wann, MD, MACC, FESC

Cover Story

Obesity slowly undoing progress made in decreasing CVD

In the Journals

More than a third of physicians meet burnout criteria

Neighborhood deprivation increases risk for HF

Role of biomarkers in HFpEF uncertain

Greater waist, hip measurements increase risk for MI in women

Treatment delays confer excess deaths in STEMI, cardiogenic shock

Vegetarian, Mediterranean diets equally effective for CVD prevention

AF-stroke relationship strongest in black patients

Low systolic BP confers harm in patients with HFpEF

CV risk factors visible in retinal images

Cocaine use confers epicardial, microvascular disease

Anticoagulation use in older patients with AF, CKD confers mixed outcomes

Cardiac biomarkers, low BMI may predict poor outcomes in muscular dystrophy

Cardiac MRI appropriate for assessing mitral regurgitation

Congenital heart disease increases risk for dementia

Meeting News

VEST: Wearable cardioverter defibrillator cuts total mortality, but not sudden death post-MI

CANTOS: Canakinumab reduces CV events in CKD, diabetes

Statin discontinuation common in high-risk patients

Therapies for prevention of cardiotoxicity in breast cancer confer mixed results

SMART-DATE: Shorter DAPT duration noninferior to longer duration, but increases MI risk

VIDEO: Plant-based diets decrease CV risk

VIP-U: Psoriasis treatment reduces vascular inflammation

Febuxostat noninferior to allopurinol in patients with gout, major CV conditions

VIDEO: Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, highlights top takeaways from ACC

VIDEO: Highlights in the advancing field of cardio-oncology

VIDEO: PCSK9 inhibitor access remains an issue, but assistance available

Personalized approach to antiplatelet drug selection may improve clinical outcomes

ODYSSEY Outcomes: Alirocumab lowers CV events in ACS population

MOMENTUM 3: Newer LVAD improves 2-year outcomes in advanced HF

Hypertension intervention in barbershops cuts BP levels

Genetic test for clopidogrel response after PCI helps influence antiplatelet decisions

POISE: Higher death, stroke risk persists 1 year after noncardiac surgery in patients treated with metoprolol

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: SMART-DATE

Trial Scorecard: VIP-U

Trial Scorecard: INDIE-HFpEF

Trial Scorecard: mSToPS

Trial Scorecard: ODYSSEY Outcomes

Trial Scorecard: VEST

Trial Scorecard: CECCY

Trial Scorecard: CASA