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Mobile revolution brings changes to cardiology management

New Advances, Old Challenges

High-sensitivity troponin assays present opportunities, challenges for MI diagnosis

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An opinion piece by leading experts on important issues affecting practice.

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Role of PCI in Diabetes Continues to Evolve

2016: An active, exciting year in cardiology

Carl J. Pepine, MD, MACC
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Experts offer their perspectives on vital issues affecting the field of cardiology.

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Experts debate implications of relaxed BP target for high-risk patients

Experts discuss FDA advisory against aspirin for primary prevention of MI, stroke

New hypertension guidelines generate discussion among medical community

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Business of Cardiology

L. Samuel Wann, MD, MACC, FESC, writes on the important issues that affect you and your practice.

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Impact of new US administration on cardiology practice, health care unclear

Joshua D. Liberman, MD, FACC; L. Samuel Wann, MD, MACC, FESC

Medicare episode payment models still evolving

Erik G. Stilp, MD, FACC; L. Samuel Wann, MD, MACC, FESC

MACRA implementation brings radical changes to cardiology practice

Joshua D. Liberman, MD, FACC; L. Samuel Wann, MD, MACC
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Insights into modern era interventional training in structural and congenital heart disease

April 27, 2016

Top 5 reasons doctors should be on Twitter

September 21, 2015

The dilemma of hard cases and patient centeredness

June 24, 2015
Martha Gulati, MD, MS, FACC, FAHA, is section director for Preventive Cardiology and Women’s Cardiovascular Health and holds the Sarah Ross Soter Chair in Women’s Cardiovascular Health at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. She is also an associate professor of medicine in the division cardiology and an associate professor of Clinical Public Health in the Division of Epidemiology. Dr. Gulati is a member of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association as well. Her specific interests are in fitness and prevention.

A call for focus on stroke prevention in women

February 28, 2014

The fish vs. the prostate: Omega-3 fatty acids and the risk for prostate cancer

August 14, 2013

A closer look at athletic participation for patients with ICDs

June 13, 2013