National Lipid Association Scientific Sessions

Healio brings you the highlights from the National Lipid Association Scientific Sessions. Refer back to this page often for the latest news from NLA, perspectives and interviews with leading researchers and clinicians, and to review archives of past meetings.

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Menopause may play role in CVD risk in older women

June 23, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Menopause may play a significant role in the increased risk for CVD in older women, according to a presentation at the National…
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VIDEO: Similarities seen in PCSK9 inhibitor trials

May 26, 2018
LAS VEGAS — In this Cardiology Today video exclusive, Pamela B. Morris, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASPC, FNLA, director of the Seinsheimer…
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Insufficient sleep affects BP control in cardiometabolic syndrome

May 15, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Adequate sleep and a low-sodium, high-potassium diet are some of the many approaches recommended for BP lowering in patients with…
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Continuous care with nutritional ketosis improves CVD risk

May 7, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Patients with type 2 diabetes who received a continuous care treatment including nutritional ketosis improved biomarkers of CVD…
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VIDEO: Personalized method of LDL estimation enhances analysis of FOURIER

May 6, 2018
In this Cardiology Today video exclusive, Seth S. Martin, MD, MHS, FACC, FAHA, assistant professor of medicine and co-director of the Advanced Lipid…
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Support groups benefit patients with familial chylomicronemia syndrome

May 4, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Patients with familial chylomicronemia syndrome who were connected actively or passively through a support group had improved…
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Novel method enhances accuracy of LDL estimates

May 3, 2018
LAS VEGAS — A novel method using non-HDL and triglyceride values estimated LDL better than the Friedewald method in patients who reduced their…
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Inclisiran reduces LDL in variety of populations

May 1, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Inclisiran, an RNA interference therapeutic targeting PCSK9, safely reduced LDL in various patient populations and subgroups…
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Apheresis one of few options to reduce Lp(a)

April 30, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Lipid apheresis can significantly reduce lipoprotein(a) levels compared with available drug therapies, according to a presentation…
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Plant-based diets reduce CV risk

April 29, 2018
LAS VEGAS — Plant-based diets can reduce risk for CV-related events and mortality as effectively as pharmacotherapies, according to a…