USMLE Step 1 - Question 17

A 72 year old male with a history of dementia and hypertension presents to the emergency room with profound bradycardia and altered mental status. His temperature is 34.8 C, blood pressure is 80/40, and heart rate 30 beats per minute. His laboratory studies are below:


Na+ 141 mEq/L
K+  4.1 mEq/L
Cl-  103 mEq/L
HCO3-  28 mEq/L
Urea nitrogen   19 mEq/L
Cr  1.2 mEq/L
Glucose 44 mEq/L

Which of the following is the appropriate therapy at this time?

A. Methylene blue

B. Dantrolene

C. Glucagon

D. Magnesium

E. Flumazenil