USMLE Step One

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  • Coronary vasospasm
  • Mitral valve prolapse
  • Bifascicular block physical exam
  • Apple-green birefringence dilated cardiomyopathy

Below are sample questions you can expect to see in this quiz.

Sample Questions
A 68-year-old male had a myocardial infarction. Six weeks later he begins to have sharp substernal chest pains radiating to his left neck worse with lying flat and better while sitting up and leaning forward. His electrocardiogram is below. Which of the following is his likely diagnosis? Pericarditis5
A 58-year-old female has been diagnosed with systolic congestive heart failure. She currently takes lisinopril, hydralazine and furosemide. Which of the following medications should be added to improve her symptoms and reduce her mortality in the long-term?
An 84-year-old male with a history of severe emphysema and a prior myocardial infarction becomes short of breath with exertion. Physical examination reveals a III/VI holosystolic murmur at the cardiac apex, an S3 heart sound and rales in the lower lung fields. No lower-extremity edema is present. Which of the following is the likely diagnosis?

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