Low voltage - ECG

Low voltage is defined as peak-to-peak QRS amplitude of < 5 mm in the limb leads and/or < 10 mm in the precordial leads. Low voltage may be present in the following situations:

  1. Obesity
  2. COPD
  3. Pericardial effusion
  4. Severe hypothyroidism
  5. Subcutaneous emphysema
  6. Massive myocardial damage/infarction
  7. Infiltrative/restrictive diseases (such as amyloid cardiomyopathy)

Note: If the gain indicated at the left of the ECG is turned down accidentally, the voltage will be falsely low (pseudo-low voltage). The indicator should be set to 10 mm amplitude.


ECG Examples:

Low Voltage Example 1

Low Voltage Example 2

Low Voltage Example 3

Low Voltage Example 4