Trial Details:

Acronym: Controlled Abciximab and Device Investigation to Lower Late Angioplasty Complications

Purpose: To evaluate abciximab (Reopro) when added to ticlopidine and aspirin during coronary intervention in acute coronary syndromes.

Format: Double blind, multicenter, randomized control trial

Treatment Group: Abciximab and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)

Control Group: Percutaneous coronary intervention alone

Number of Patients: 2,082

Inclusion Criteria: 

  • Clinical angina or other symptoms from acute coronary syndrome for < 12 hours
  • ECG with > 1 mm ST elevation in 2 contiguous leads OR high grade stenosis on angiography with an associated regional wall motion abnormality

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Cardiogenic shock
  • Infarct due to saphenous vein graft occlusion/stenosis
  • Infarct artery reference vessel < 2.5 mm in diameter
  • Need for urgent r emergent coronary artery bypass grafting surgically

Follow-up: 7-12 months

Primary Endpoint: Composite of all cause mortality, MI, ischemia-driven target-vessel revascularization (TVR), or stroke at 30 days


Abciximab decreased mortality and target vessel revascularization when used in addition to ticlopidine and aspirin during percutaneous coronary intervention in the setting of an acute coronary syndrome.

Original Publication:

Tcheng JE, et al. Circulation. 2003 Sep 16;108(11):1316-23.