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I first founded LearnTheHeart.com in 2003 as a 4th year medical student to help organize my ECG collection and my notes that I had taken about cardiovascular disorders during my medical training. As I progressed through my training, I used the website to access the information and teach students. The site quickly grew in content now containing more than 5,000 pages of information and growing quickly. I use an evidence based approach to learning which I feel is important. I truly have a passion for teaching ECG interpretation and cardiology and I thank you for using LearnTheHeart.com. I strongly believe in Free Open Access Medical EDucation (FOAMed) and will always keep this site free.

This blog will be my way of discussing cardiology topics and sharing interesting cases that I have seen with good educational value and teaching points. ECGs tracings will be discussed ranging from basic ECG topics to the most advanced and crazy ECG findings. 

My vision for LearnTheHeart.com is to continue to grow with new learning tools, calculators, games and online activities to promote ECG and cardiology education. This blog is the latest addition!

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