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Growth hormone therapy does not affect CV risk factors in young adults born small for gestational age

November 10, 2017

Children born small for gestational age treated with growth hormone therapy did not experience any negative effects on cardiometabolic health in the 5 years after stopping treatment, with researchers also observing a possible benefit on lipid profile, according to study findings reported in Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

“Five years after growth hormone cessation, adults born small for gestational age and treated with growth hormone had similar systolic and diastolic blood pressures and [carotid intima media thickness] as untreated short adults born small for gestational age,” Manouk van der Steen, PhD, of the department of pediatrics at Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and colleagues wrote. “These findings contradict the hypothesis that there is

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Trial Scorecard: Echo WISELY

Cardiology Today, November 2017
Study investigated the impact of an appropriate use criteria-based educational intervention on ordering of transthoracic echocardiograms.

Gadolinium contrast necessary in ‘countless’ MRIs, safety research encouraged

November 7, 2017
On Nov. 1, Chuck Norris, Hollywood actor and martial artist, took on a new type of battle: fighting against medical device manufacturers in a lawsuit alleging that his…
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FFRCT technology receives new payment classification from CMS

November 6, 2017
HeartFlow announced that a new technology ambulatory payment classification has been finalized by CMS for noninvasive CT-derived fractional flow reserve technology to…
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