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Study identifies four metabolites related to CHD risk

November 14, 2017

Read the Perspective from Kiran Musunuru, MD, PhD, MPH

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Low levels of four specific metabolites were found to be associated with risk for incident CHD, according to new research from the BiomarCaRE consortium presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.

The new findings “demonstrate the value of metabolomics for biomarker discovery and improved risk stratification,” Tanja Zeller, PhD, professor of genomics and systems biology at Universitäres Herzzentrum Hamburg GmbH in Germany, said during a presentation.

Genotype-guided warfarin dosing linked with reduced risk of clinical events after hip, knee arthroplasty

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Reduction in apoB particles may play key role in benefit from LDL lowering

August 31, 2017
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HYDRA: Rosuvastatin reduces LDL in children with homozygous FH

August 21, 2017
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