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DEVOTE: Insulin degludec demonstrates CV safety, reduced risk for severe hypoglycemia

DEVOTE: Insulin degludec demonstrates CV safety, reduced risk for severe hypoglycemia
June 21, 2017

SAN DIEGO — In the DEVOTE cardiovascular outcomes trial, insulin degludec was noninferior to insulin glargine for the primary endpoint of major adverse cardiovascular events and was associated with significant reductions in severe hypoglycemia among high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes.

The randomized, double blind, treat-to-target, event-driven, CV outcomes trial included 7,637 patients with type 2 diabetes enrolled at 436 sites in 20 countries between October 2013 and November 2014. Researchers randomly assigned 3,818 patients to receive insulin degludec 100 U/mL (Tresiba, Novo Nordisk), a new-generation, ultra-long-acting basal insulin, and 3,819 to receive insulin glargine U100 (Lantus, Sanofi), a first-generation insulin, once per day between dinner and bedtime.


FDA committee supports expanded CV indication for liraglutide in adults with type 2 diabetes

June 20, 2017
An FDA advisory panel on Tuesday voted 17 to 2 in favor of an expanded indication for the GLP-1 receptor agonist liraglutide, supporting language in the prescribing…
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Select traditional Chinese medicine may benefit patients with heart disease

June 16, 2017
Unmet needs in Western medicine have made traditional Chinese medicine a more common alternative for primary and secondary CVD prevention, but more randomized trials of…
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Long-term metformin therapy reduces CVD risk in type 1 diabetes

June 15, 2017
SAN DIEGO — Middle-aged adults with long-standing type 1 diabetes at high risk for cardiovascular disease who added metformin to insulin therapy for 3 years saw…
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Low vitamin D level predicts CV morbidity, mortality in type 2 diabetes

January 25, 2017
Older adults with type 2 diabetes and low 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels were more likely to experience a cardiovascular event vs. those with higher…

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Diabetes management among Latino patients begins with language-concordant care

January 23, 2017
Although glycemic control improved among Latino diabetes patients with limited English proficiency when treated by Spanish-speaking primary care

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After PCI, diabetes linked to higher mortality only in insulin-treated patients

January 23, 2017
Among patients undergoing PCI for stable CAD or ACS, diabetic status was associated with higher mortality only in those treated with insulin…

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Pioglitazone reduces major adverse CV events in prediabetes, diabetes

January 13, 2017
In people with insulin resistance, prediabetes or diabetes, pioglitazone is associated with a decreased risk for major adverse cardiovascular events…

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High deductibles may lead to increased diabetes complications

January 13, 2017
Patients with diabetes who have low-incomes and health savings account–eligible high-deductible health plans experienced significant increases…

Q&A: American Diabetes Association's updated standards

January 13, 2017
The American Diabetes Association recently updated its Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes to underscore new drug recommendations for patients…

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High-, low-deductible plans linked to higher out-of-pocket spending among chronically ill adults

January 12, 2017
Americans with chronic conditions who had high- or low-deductible health insurance plans also had higher out-of-pocket spending and more frequent

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Pharmacy CV screening may benefit patients with suspected AF

January 11, 2017
Integrated CV screening identified patients who could potentially benefit from stroke prevention therapies due to presence of atrial fibrillation…

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Parathyroid hormone associated with arterial stiffness in type 1 diabetes

January 10, 2017
In adults with type 1 diabetes, a higher level of parathyroid hormone is associated with increased arterial stiffness, a strong predictor of…


2016: An active, exciting year in cardiology

Cardiology Today, January 2017
Carl J. Pepine, MD, MACC
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