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DCB shows durable real-world effectiveness at 4 years

November 12, 2019
LAS VEGAS — In a real-world population with peripheral artery disease, nearly three-quarters of patients treated with a drug-coated balloon…

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Ascertainment bias could explain paclitaxel mortality signal

November 11, 2019
LAS VEGAS — It is possible that ascertainment bias and other biases from randomized controlled trials could explain the long-term mortality…

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Aspiration mechanical thrombectomy meets safety, efficacy endpoints for acute PE

November 11, 2019
LAS VEGAS — In the EXTRACT-PE trial, an aspiration mechanical thrombectomy device was safe and effective among patients with acute pulmonary…

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Sirolimus-coated balloon benefit maintained at 2 years

November 7, 2019
LAS VEGAS — A sirolimus-coated balloon for treatment of peripheral artery disease was associated with positive outcomes at 2 years, according…

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Peripheral stent beneficial in common femoral artery stenosis at 2 years

November 6, 2019
LAS VEGAS — A repuncturable vascular mimetic peripheral stent system was safe and effective at 2 years in patients with common femoral artery…

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RANGER II SFA: Low-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon superior to PTA at 1 year

November 6, 2019
LAS VEGAS — A low-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon was superior to percutaneous transluminal angioplasty for treatment of femoropopliteal…

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IMPERIAL: Peripheral DES similar in patency, different in TLR at 2 years

November 5, 2019
LAS VEGAS — A peripheral drug-eluting stent with a polymer coating conferred lower rates of target lesion revascularization compared with a…

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Mortality not different at 5 years in patients treated with DES vs. controls

November 5, 2019
LAS VEGAS — There were no significant differences in mortality at 5 years between patients with peripheral artery disease assigned a…

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New advances offer hope to patients with CLI

November 4, 2019
LAS VEGAS — While critical limb ischemia presents many challenges, numerous new technologies and techniques are being developed to help this…

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More data needed on prevention of progression from claudication to CLI

November 4, 2019
LAS VEGAS — There has never been a randomized trial to determine what interventions may prevent progression from claudication to critical limb…


Mortality signal from paclitaxel-coated devices persists, but cause remains elusive

November 1, 2019
SAN FRANCISCO — Analyses continue to show a long-term mortality risk associated with paclitaxel-coated devices in patients with peripheral…

Siemens acquires robotic PCI technology for $1.1 billion

October 29, 2019
Siemens announced it has acquired Corindus Vascular Robotics, manufacturer of robotic-assisted PCI systems, for $1.1 billion. According to a press…

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Another study finds no evidence of increased long-term mortality with paclitaxel-coated devices

October 9, 2019
Patients who underwent endovascular revascularization with a paclitaxel-based drug-eluting device did not have an increased mortality risk over an…

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FDA designates recall of guide catheter as class 1

October 8, 2019
The FDA has designated Medtronic’s product recall of a guide catheter as a class 1 recall, the most serious kind. The recall affects 106,298…

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AHA: More evidence needed for endovascular therapy for acute PE

October 7, 2019
Interventional devices for treatment of acute pulmonary embolism do not have a high level of evidence, and stakeholders must generate more evidence…

PAD Awareness Month: Five recent updates

September 27, 2019
In recognition of Peripheral Artery Disease Awareness Month in September, Healio has compiled a list of five recent updates on PAD. These updates…

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Sirolimus-eluting balloon given breakthrough device designation

September 18, 2019
Orchestra BioMed Inc., in partnership with Terumo Corporation, announced its sirolimus-eluting balloon for the treatment of below-the-knee peripheral…

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Retrospective analysis finds no 5-year mortality risk tied to paclitaxel-coated devices

September 11, 2019
In a retrospective analysis of Japanese patients with peripheral artery disease treated with paclitaxel-coated devices or other devices…

Top intervention news of August: TAVR low-risk indications, FDA paclitaxel advisory and more

September 8, 2019
Healio compiled a list of the most-read cardiac and vascular intervention articles in August. This month, our readers were interested in the FDA…

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AHA: ‘Thorough evaluation of limb perfusion’ critical in CLI

August 12, 2019
The American Heart Association released a scientific statement outlining the options for perfusion assessment in patients with critical limb…