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Advances in Coronary and Peripheral Intervention Continue

Cardiology Today's Intervention, November/December 2017
In this issue, Cardiology Today’s Intervention focuses on drug-coated balloons, which appear to be a major advance in both coronary and…

A Growing Focus on Critical Limb Ischemia

Cardiology Today's Intervention, July/August 2017
Critical limb ischemia is a major health problem throughout the world. In many respects, CLI has not gotten the same degree of attention that severe…

Role of PCI in Diabetes Continues to Evolve

Cardiology Today's Intervention, May/June 2017
In this issue of Cardiology Today’s Intervention, the Cover Story focuses on PCI and its role in the care of patients with diabetes. This is a…

Advances in Stroke Treatment, Prevention Continue

Cardiology Today's Intervention, March/April 2017
There has been increasing attention turned toward stroke in the world of interventional cardiology. In this issue of Cardiology Today’s

An Era of Advancements on Multiple Fronts

Cardiology Today's Intervention, January/February 2017
In 2016, there were many exciting developments to the field of intervention, as reflected in the Top 10 Trends for 2017 on page 11 — determined…

Evolving Trends in Intervention

Cardiology Today's Intervention, November/December 2016
This year marked a terrific Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting in Washington, D.C. Attendees from all over the world gathered to…

The Current State and Future of Carotid Artery Stenting

Cardiology Today's Intervention, May/June 2016
When carotid artery stenting first came on the scene several years ago, there was a great deal of excitement in the endovascular community, which…

New Tools, Techniques in the Interventional Armamentarium

Cardiology Today's Intervention, March/April 2016
The field of intervention continues to branch out in terms of the different diagnostic and therapeutic areas that it touches. There has been much…

Boundaries of Intervention Continue to Grow

Cardiology Today's Intervention, January/February 2016
Overall, 2015 was an exciting year for the interventional community. There were several exciting developments in the field. In this issue, the Top 5…

Reflection on the Endovascular Era for Amputation Prevention

Cardiology Today's Intervention, November/December 2015
An exciting development in interventional medicine is that of endovascular limb salvage. We are fortunate in this issue of Cardiology Today’s