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5 Questions

L. Samuel Wann, MD, MACC, FAHA, FESC, reflects on a career of CV imaging and beyond

Cardiology Today Anniversary

2 decades of structural heart disease

Cover Story

Sickle cell disease and the heart: Awareness increases in cardiology community

Drug Risk Update

Antibiotics, QT prolongation, TdP and sudden death: Fact or fiction

Raymond L. Woosley, MD, PhD

FDA News

DCB approved to treat US patients with PAD

Pericardial aortic surgical valve receives FDA approval, CE mark

Biotronik announces FDA approval of ICD systems for patients with HF

In the Journals

PCI with complete revascularization yields similar survival to CABG

Mortality decreasing for ischemic heart disease, rising for HF in US

Patients with paroxysmal AF may be undertreated with anticoagulants

Mortality higher for women while awaiting urgent heart transplant

Use of nitroprusside, isoproterenol declined after price spike

Positive airway pressure fails to improve CV outcomes in sleep apnea

Smoking cessation medication may be underutilized in older patients after MI

Statin discontinuation post-stroke increases risk for recurrence

Targeting ANGPTL3 may reduce atherogenic lipoproteins

Readmission decline may be linked to lower mortality in acute MI, HF, pneumonia

ROOBY-FS: Event-free survival rates lower with off-pump CABG

Technology may reverse cell aging process, reduce early CVD risk

Weight gain may affect heart structure, increase risk for HF

Healthful plant-based diet may decrease risk for CHD

ECG risk score may predict sudden cardiac arrest in certain patients

High sodium intake harms cardiac structure, function

LICORN: Levosimendan shows no benefit for cardiac output after CABG

ACC/AHA/HRS guideline provides recommendations for diagnosis, prognosis for syncope

Meeting News

Lowering LDL, regardless of method, can reduce CV risk in patients with diabetes

Different approach to CVD risk assessment should be taken in patients with diabetes

Angioplasty, bypass surgery options for patients with diabetes, CAD

Stroke rates higher in asymptomatic vs. symptomatic AF

Future holds promise to address unmet needs in lipid disorders causing CV risk

Glycemic control key factor in reducing CV risk

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: RESPONSE-2

Trial Scorecard: ASSERT-II

Trial Scorecard: LICORN

Trial Scorecard: BIONICS

Trial Scorecard: FORWARD

Trial Scorecard: ROOBY-FS

Trial Scorecard: FL-PR CReSD

Trial Scorecard: QUIDAM

Women's Heart Notes

Pregnancy, sex differences important areas of women’s CV health

Ki Park, MD, MS, FSCAI